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2014: Year In Review


I’m equally bewildered and equally feel great that I’m writing my third year-end review. From those who know me from the starting of my WordPress journey must be knowing that The Drama Corner is not my first blog. I tried so many times to finally stick with this one when I finally realised how and what I wanted to do, most importantly, I grew fond of writing. Hence, I’m so happy that blogging and this blog has become so special and a constant motivator for me. Continue reading

Preview for ‘She’s So Lovable’ Episode 7


After all those complaints that I’m completely surrounded by dramas from head to toe, currently I’m watching only one drama (I know!) and eagerly waiting for lots of them. My feelings about She’s So Lovable (or My Lovely Girl) keep see-sawing with liking its predictable but comfortable tone in its first week, then being let down by the second Continue reading

‘She’s So Lovable’: First Impressions


And finally it’s here — Rain‘s comeback drama after 4 years has arrived to grace our screens with She’s So Lovable premiering this week and it is just as we all expected: a story with a very predictable plot and characters. In fact it doesn’t bother in giving any new spin or springing any surprises with it — there is a wounded hero, a candy heroine [not to forget, doing all kinds of part-time jobs, running from the loan sharks], a very annoying and insensitive second female lead, a Continue reading

A plethora of teasers for ‘She’s So Lovable’


A new season of dramas has already begun and I’m eagerly waiting for next week premiere of Rain‘s comeback drama She’s So Lovable (My Lovely Girl). It is a show which seems as predictable as the numbers on a clock. But all rom-coms basically meet at some point or another. The treatment and chemistry are what make them different. Continue reading

‘She’s So Lovable’ drops breezy and cute first teaser

Wow. That was unexpected. I thought that Rain‘s comeback drama She’s So Lovable (or My Lovely Girl) would be partly cheesy/too much colorful and partly melodramatic, what with story of a man who lost his first love and then falls for her sister, but contrastingly, the first teaser is Continue reading