Weekend drama ‘Rosy Lovers’ premieres tomorrow with Han Sun Hwa and Lee Jang Woo


Weekend dramas can prove to be a very long commitment as they are generally 50 episodes long. They can be warm and affectionate while others can be totally makjang and supremely annoying. I haven’t seen a long weekender yet. I did try You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin and What Happens To My Family and dropped the former for mixed bag of reasons while put the latter on hold as I’m not in a condition to commit to it right now. But it is a very warm and cute drama and I totally recommend it if anyone is searching something like that. The new kid on the block for Saturday-Sunday slot is Rosy Lovers and it will star Han Sun Hwa (of Kpop group Secret) and Lee Jang Woo (I Do, I Do). I think it’s a big leap for her as she was quite busy these two years in supporting roles and I didn’t realise it till this post but I’ve seen all her dramas with Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek (she played Jin Goo‘s sister), God’s Gift 14 Days (she was one of Jo Seung Woo‘s partners) and Marriage Not Dating (she was Yeon Woo Jin‘s ex-girlfriend). I think she was okay in all her performances but nothing mind-blowing to write home about. This longer series might give her an opportunity to improve I guess.

Rosy Lovers actually tells a different story than the rest of similar shows. It’s about a couple who is in college but unintentionally becomes parents and learns true love. Han Sun Hwa plays an immature girl who has never faced hardships while our hero will be an innocent and high-spirited engineering student. I like that for a change we have a different profession. The supporting cast includes Kim Min Seo (Good Doctor) as our heroine’s elder sister who is also like her sister, débutante Han Ji Sang plays our hero’s brother with Lee Mi Sook (Iron Man) and Phillip Choi (Soulmate) rounding out the cast. I like the stills and poster that hint for a cute set-up and I think when a child actor is present, it’s for sure that there will be lots of adorableness.

Rosy Lovers has some big shoes to fill as it was preceded by rating king Jang Bo Ri is Here! that garnered more than 30% number and remained at the top throughout its run. The drama is penned by writer of Oh Ja Ryong Is Coming and directed by the PD of Autumn Shower. It starts tomorrow!

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9 thoughts on “Weekend drama ‘Rosy Lovers’ premieres tomorrow with Han Sun Hwa and Lee Jang Woo

  1. Timescout

    It’s funny but I just realised that what you said about long weekenders is so true! They do tend to be either warm family dramas or total makjang fests. I try to avoid the latter like the proverbial plague and thankfully you can usually tell from the first few episodes which it’s going to be. But, I have been fooled once or twice, LOL! Fifty episodes is a lot but as I’ve sat through two dailies with 100+ epis, 50 does not seem all that long.

    Rosy Lovers sounds a bit different in premise so I might give it a go. Probably not right now though. Anyway, it’s better to see which way it’ll be heading before dipping in.

    1. snow Post author

      Really! You’ve seen 100+ shows…wow…they must be good I guess…but sometimes they are so addicting that even when we know they are bad, we still keep on watching them…
      Yes…it’s better to check before wasting time on a drama…there is so much to watch after all!

      1. Timescout

        Yup, ‘Just You’ was pretty decent, the main couple was ever so sweet and I really liked several others (it’s a family drama with gzillion characters, ha). Makjang was thankfully kept to minimum and it wasn’t of the truly crazy variety. ‘I Live in Cheongdamdong’ on the other hand is a masterpiece and it’s a sticom! It’s also one of the best dramas I’ve ever come across. Sadly it’s very hard to come by and no subs. 😦 I’ve tried few others along the way as well, only to give up early on as they just weren’t worth the pain, ha. The thing to remember about dailies is that the episodes are only about 30-35 min long, so a 100 epi darama is actually ca. 50 normal episodes.

        My tolerance for ‘the bad’ is pretty low these days so it won’t take long for me to drop a drama if it starts to get on my nerves. 🙂

        1. snow Post author

          Just You is a TW drama, right? Ya….I can certainly watch an entire drama if the main couple is sweet and it helps that the makjang level is minimum 😉

          I have heard so many good things about I Live In Cheongdamdong! I’ll definitely check it out once my RL permits and hopefully subs would be available…

          I didn’t notice it until you mentioned…yes…the length per episode is so small….a plus point 🙂

          1. Timescout

            Ah, I forgot there is a TW drama by the same name. I ment a kdrama: http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Just_You. I’ve done a (looooong) rec post of sorts for it too, in case you feel like finding out a bit more about it. 🙂

            It’s such a shame ILiCDD was not subbed, it really is such a great drama. Sigh. My Korean is not all that good but at least I was able to follow it without much of a hassle. A lot of the word games and puns unfortunately went over my head, as did most of the litterary references and poems (one of the mains accidentally landed as a member of a society ladies poetry club – a fount of hilarity, that ^^).

          2. snow Post author

            Haha….I’ll definitely check out your post on it…I didn’t know there was any Kdrama Just You…

            Wow….you know Korean….I can never watch a drama without subs…I can only understand certain words but complete sentence is impossible!

          3. Timescout

            Oh, I’ve been learning Korean for several years now, mostly on my own. I can understand quite a bit but can’t really talk much myself. Memorising things is harder now that I’m older, it’s frustrating, ha. In the past year and a half I’ve been really busy with ‘real’ studies but now that I’m done with that, I hope I can allot some time for Korean studies again.

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