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Four new shows have premiered one by one (Who Are You, Good Doctor, Master’s Sun and Two Weeks) and I have still not completed I Hear Your Voice, having only four more episodes to go. It’s not that I lost interest but there is a gallimaufry of things that are not allowing me to do so. Studies, excitement for new dramas and right now I’m dedicated to Friends, and I’m surprised why I didn’t watch it before. Just completed Season 1 and I can’t wait to watch the rest. Despite not being an addicting drama, I totally love I Hear Your Voice and all its characters. I am not that excited in terms of romance plot (which I find cute and warm) because I like it when the development in love is gradual but the show didn’t portray it in that light. Our hero already liked the heroine right from the start in the ‘I love you’ kind of way and that took away some of the attraction. Well, the drama is not only about that and so it is just a minor thing that bothered me a bit. Sprinkled with humour and emotions throughout, it is definitely a well made drama with a heart. I’m happy for the leads but their romance just not flutters my heart or makes me feel giddy. But there was this one scene when Hye-sung confesses her feelings to Soo-ha, and he smiles with happiness, that expression simply made me melt and smile from ear to ear. Loved that scene ♥ You see, I’m not completely indifferent towards the OTP but one can say I’m not whole heartedly invested either. Soo-ha is definitely one of the best boyfriends of dramaland as he cares and respects so much.

I like two of the breezy songs from the soundtrack, the rest I don’t remember. The first one is Why Did You Come Now by Jung Yeop of Brown Eyed Soul and the other is played during the end credits, which is Echo by Every Single Day. Both of these songs exude lots of warmth and positivity. They have a nice, cheerful rhythm and a freshness of morning. It gives me warm fuzzy feeling and a smile. The songs have an upbeat and slightly nostalgic mood. Check out the two songs, which I guess the readers might have already saved in your music box as there is a huge fan following of the show which has got equally great ratings as well.

Why Did You Come Now by Jung Yeop of Brown Eyed Soul

Echo by Every Single Day