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2014: Year In Review


I’m equally bewildered and equally feel great that I’m writing my third year-end review. From those who know me from the starting of my WordPress journey must be knowing that The Drama Corner is not my first blog. I tried so many times to finally stick with this one when I finally realised how and what I wanted to do, most importantly, I grew fond of writing. Hence, I’m so happy that blogging and this blog has become so special and a constant motivator for me. Continue reading

REVIEW: Liar Game (2014)


Liar Game takes the viewers on a roller coaster ride by offering continuous thrills and chills. It succeeds as a taut, intelligent thriller where nothing sticks out a mile. The drama is remake of a Japanese manga series of the same name and blends the original material with K-drama ingredients to have a flavour of its own. Continue reading

Snow’s Corner: 30 November 2014


I’m so happy as I’ve finally marathoned all available episodes of Misaeng and now I can live watch it. It was more difficult for this show because the episodes are longer than normal length of 1 hour — to be exact, they are 70 minutes long! I know! And hence, it required a lot of effort in watching them in one go. But I managed it nevertheless and I’m totally in love with it. Such a simple, sensitive, heartfelt show with one of the best written characters of dramaland. Continue reading

Cute behind-the-scene stills of ‘Liar Game’


I’m so sad that Liar Game is ending next week. Normally I complain about the long length of dramas but now when I’m hooked to a show which is in total of 12 episodes long, I’m not ready to say goodbye to it yet. I really hope that there is a season 2 in store for us! This week was pretty intense in Liar Game as we came to see what happens when Continue reading