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Pinocchio delivered another bunch of good episodes with a cute balance of comedy, romance, idealism and drama. I’m sharing some of my thoughts:

  • The thing I love the most is the family dynamics of Dal Po, In Ha, her dad and grandpa. I simply loved that scene where everyone brings medicine for Dal Po, even dad. It was a sweet gesture and shows how much they care for him. In contrast, there is hyung who spent all his life alone and this is so tragic that when I thought that there was some light of happiness for him in future, his turning into a killer ruined it all. I think it was quite surprising because he seemed like a sweet, kind, decent guy who meant no harm for anyone. It’s really sad to see him go the dark route as he doesn’t realise that he is starting the same thing with others as what was suffered by him and his family all those years ago. It further complicates things as now Dal Po will get involved in this case and will probably come face to face with his hyung. *sigh* Is it too much to wish that nobody got killed and hyung will not become a murderer?
  • I loved that In Ha confessed her feelings. Of course she can’t help it but it was nice to see it coming into open. At least, poor Dal Po knows that it’s not a one-sided love. Also I liked that she took a practical approach in terms of choosing her career in her mom’s company. I don’t like it when female leads are always painted with the colours of too much pride, which is fine in some cases but can lead to their own loss in others. It would be interesting to see how being a Pinocchio, she manages to become a successful reporter.


  • Contrary to my initial impression of Bum Jo, when I thought him creepily weird, I now like him. I think he is very innocent and momma’s boy who has never seen any hardships. It was cute to see him and In Ha, both clueless beings struggling to get some story. I love that he confronts everyone immediately and I think he has been written refreshingly as far as second leads are concerned. He is not even a perfect Daddy Long Legs as he himself needs guidance and care.
  • I liked that Dal Po told Gyo Dong about his real identity. I can’t wait to see his role in uniting the two brothers.
  • I loved all the funny scenes involving the four rookies and I found myself laughing  a lot, especially with Lee Yoo Bi‘s Yoo Rae.
  • Another cute scene was between Dal po and grandpa when the latter takes his piggy bank money to buy him socks. Lee Jong Suk‘s expressions were SO. CUTE.
  • I’m loving the romance element. I can’t wait to see Dal Po openly showing his affections for In Ha. I wonder how that’ll happen as he is too caring and considerate for such a thing.
  • I enjoyed the reappearance of Chan Soo as the cop. And it was great to spot two actors from High School King Of Savvy — him and the other manager Yoon as both play policemen here. He also added to the fun factor and his scenes with In ha and Dal Po were awesome.
  • I still think that the show carries a huge bundle of coincidences and I would appreciate it if it lessens them a bit. And please, no more toilet humour, okay Show.