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I’m getting more and more excited with each passing week for upcoming thriller Healer about the world of journalists. It stars Ji Chang Wook in the titular role as he has a code name of Healer. He is an errand boy working for high-profile assignments. Park Min Young is a reporter of a low-grade website while Yoo Ji Tae is a star reporter. Both of them are connected via some past incident. Ji Chang Wook also gets involved with these two somehow and thus beings a game of intrigue, secrets and of course, thrills. I have already said this before and I’m repeating it again — this show is oozing with City Hunter vibes and I’m really hopeful that it would be successful in delivering the same impressive journey for all the viewers, giving just the right amount of action, romance and fun. Have a look at the posters which feature all the three leads. Another interesting part is being played by veteran actress Kim Mi Kyung (Heirs) as she plays our hero’s partner and a hacker. Brownie points for having a woman hacker instead of a 20-something stereotypical computer-nerd guy. Healer has a promising production team with writer Song Ji Na of shows like epic Sandglass and another great thriller Story Of A Man. It is slated for a 20 episode run and begins this Monday. I think we have been hearing about this show from a very long time as it secured its leads pretty early on. I have to specially mention Park Min Young here who is looking really pretty and fresh as a sea breeze. The short haircut suits her perfectly!