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2015: Year In Review


I’m pretty late this year to post my year end review. It has been a busy year and so I blogged lesser than before and dropped more dramas than before. There was not a single drama that I can say I loved with all my heart and soul but there were quite a few that I have lots of affection for. I’m keeping it short as the blog already has a separate review section.

I have given grade to each drama which shows how much I loved that show. A+ gets most love, then A, A-, B+,B, B- and so on.

Can’t believe it’s my fourth year to write the year end review of dramas. Cheers! Continue reading

REVIEW: Healer (2015)


Healer is an amalgamation of action, romance, melodrama and comedy and is a thoroughly entertaining drama that deftly handles its various moods. It has the trifecta of drama making — acting, directing and writing with a beating heart to complete the picture perfectly. Although the show garnered lowest ratings among its competitors, the international and online mania tells a different story. The drama captured the hearts of countless viewers who love it to pieces. I admit that I was never part of that crazy fangirling but I loved the drama a lot. Continue reading

Snow’s Corner: 18 February 2015

Hey guys…how are you? I’m currently in a phase where dramas are not my priority as they used to be. I’m busier in real life than before, I’m watching more movies and American shows and also I’m back to my favourite thing, which is reading! But that’s not to say that I’m not watching K-dramas at all. How is it even possible? So here is a brief summary of my current drama escapades: Continue reading

Preview for ‘Healer’ Episode 15


And the Healer mania continues. The drama is garnering decent ratings but it is the cult following and popularity it’s receiving in the online community that is something to feel amazed about. I’m totally loving it and my favourite things are the swoony romance between the OTP, Yoo Ji Tae, hacker ahjumma and the main characters. Of course, the story is Continue reading