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New Korean Dramas: June 2020

After multiple months flooding our screens with many drama premieres, June seems like a calmer month with only three drama premieres. It’s a good time to catch up on all the ones we always wanted to watch! Let’s see what is being offered this month:

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Fantasy romance ‘Melting Me Softly’ with Ji Chang Wook and Won Jin Ah premieres today on tvN

Fantasy is a genre where one can play with a lot of elements as the fantasy window gives a platform for plots which require suspension of disbelief. The new tvN show Melting Me Softly is bringing sci-fi kind of fantasy where the hero and heroine both remain frozen for 20 years after an experiment goes wrong as they were originally supposed to stay like that for 24 hours only. This actually reminds me of Thirty But Seventeen where the only difference was that the heroine Continue reading

Ji Chang Wook in a rom-com ‘Suspicious Partner’ with Nam Ji Hyun

I’m deliriously happy in relation to upcoming romantic comedy drama Suspicious Partner as it seems to have everything I want in my K-drama. It stars Ji Chang Wook in a romcom! His first since a long time as his last few shows/movies have been all action ones (Healer, The K2, Fabricated City) even though they did have romantic sprinklings. Plus, the leading lady is Nam Ji Hyun, who was a delight in Shopping King Louis. And the plot also looks perfect for an opposites attract romance. Last but not Continue reading

Ji Chang Wook’s action thriller film ‘Fabricated City’ released this week


Ji Chang Wook has been doing back to back action in his last few projects, namely 2014’s Healer and last year’s The K2. His latest venture, movie Fabricated City also falls in the same genre. The film just got released this week. It has the age old plot of a man wrongly accused of murder and then trying to clear his name. However old this trope is, I always feel excited to see one as it has enough room to include lots of twists and turns and thrills to make for a great thriller. Continue reading