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The year is ending with another reunion announcement as Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum will be acting together for the second time in forthcoming drama Kill Me Heal Me after their successful turn in last year’s melodrama Secret. I think it’s great when leads reunite after many years but when your second outing is just on the heels of the first, the excitement is not strong enough. Also I don’t think this pairing was as magical or classic that viewers would be dying to see them together again. That said, I like Ji Sung a lot and I’m glad he is doing a new drama! Plus, the drama has cast all in all good leads and thus increased some hope in it.

Kill Me Heal Me has been rather controversial project from the start as first it had disputes over casting of Hyun Bin who later turned down the offer and then, it was just in final talks with Lee Seung Gi and Im Ji Yeon and it looked like confirmations would be in any minute only to later see both the actors dropping out citing scheduling issues as their reason. Well, I’m just glad that Lee Seung Gi is not doing this show. Anyway, the network MBC and production can now breathe a sigh of relief with finally locking down the leads.

Ji Sung will play the hero who has seven personalities (due to a disorder he got after some childhood incident) and is of course a chaebol (we don’t have anything else here in dramaland, do we?). Hwang Jung Eum will star as his secret family doctor who herself suffers from bipolar disorder. I think when one show takes a concept, we get hundreds of other wanting to milk that till it loses all its charm. After It’s Okay, It’s Love, there is this show and then there is another drama for tvN Heart To Heart on the same lines of love between mental patient and his or her doctor.

The supporting leads are cutie pie Park Seo Joon (Witch’s Romance) playing heroine’s brother and a genius mystery writer with a 4D personality, Kim Yuri (Master’s Sun) as hero’s first love (which is a role that sounds as interesting as a hat on a rack) and Oh Man Seok (who I’m really liking A LOT as Kang Ha Neul’s senior in currently airing Misaeng) as Ji Sung’s rival at work. Kill Me Heal Me is a romantic comedy so it’ll at least have a tone of change for the couple as Secret was so sad and serious.

The show starts from January 7 taking the Wednesday-Thursday slot from Mr. Back and comes from the PD of Scandal and writer of Capital Scandal and The Moon That Embraces The Sun.

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