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Wow. I’m absolutely impressed by new KBS Monday-Tuesday drama Healer. I was already super-excited for the show but now that I’ve seen first 3 episodes, I can say that it is hitting all the right buttons for me. It has got emotions, humour, heart, depth, thrills — romance has not started yet but I’m sure it’s gonna take its root pretty soon. Most importantly, I’m loving all the main characters and their intriguing connection.

To sum up, Healer is a story about a famous and righteous reporter Moon Ho (Yoo Ji Tae) who knows some secret from the past when he was a kid. That incident involves his elder brother, and his 4 friends including a woman who is now his brother’s wife. She and one of those friends had a daughter who she thinks is dead. But actually she had been adopted and grew up to be Young Shin (Park Min Young). Moon Ho had his doubts that she might be alive and he asks the service of Healer aka Jung Hoo (Ji Chang Wook) to search for her, by taking some sample for DNA test. When he finally gets positive result, he tells him to find more about her. Healer is basically an errand boy who takes up difficult tasks and ends up involved in some murder while getting a task done. It’s possible that Moon Ho’s hyung Moon Shik is behind that. No one knows Healer’s real identity except Min Ja (Kim Mi Kyung) who works with him and is a genius hacker.

Young Shin is a reporter of some gossipy internet website but aspires to become a great journalist. She really admires Moon Ho (keeps his poster in her bedroom) and also keeps one of Healer’s picture as she thinks that it would lead her to be one famous reporter. When Jung Hoo sees that, he becomes suspicious that maybe she or his client are involved in framing him when he also finds out that he is Moon Shik’s younger brother (who is the person possibly behind his framing). Detective (who played Team Leader Kim in High School King Of Savvy) is sure that it’s Healer’s work. Finally when Jung hoon chases Moon Ho all the way to his hyung’s house, he sees that same picture of 5 friends that he himself has at home (he lives alone and is alone in this world by the way). Now he becomes totally interested and disguises as an underconfident reporter and joins Young Shin’s press agency as her junior. Moon Ho observes Young Shin from distance and sighs.

First things first, I love Moon Ho. He is not the typical workaholic, cold person we would expect him to be. He is this efficient reporter who wants to work for truth with a sense of humour and sensitivity. Yoo Ji Tae is fabulously portraying him and he brings so much depth to him when he thinks about his past. I think he witnessed something in his childhood, possibly related to something his hyung did and he kept quiet because of that. I’m loving his scenes with his sister-in-law whom he calls noona. His scenes have the deep seated emotions which make me care for him. He is suffocating because of that past but still is not this sad person filled with tragedy. Can’t wait for him to meet Young Shin. Now that is one dynamics I can’t anticipate how it will shape up.

It’s interesting how that one photo is playing a crucial role in the series. When the drama slips into flashbacks, there is this uneasy feeling about what would have happened to these happy, enthusiastic youths and friends. I think the texture of past years is very well established.

I’m liking Jung Hoon who is a cheeky person. He had only one dream and that was to live in an isolated island. But now that he has come face to face with something related to his past, he feels like he too has some identity. That scene where he finally spots that photo was so awesome. I wonder where he got that picture which is at his own house. I’m loving his Clark Kent persona and the way he has to act unsure and anxious. Our heroine is another of my favourite one who is so much relatable! She is good hearted and sassy with practical enough to suggest of not writing a story on that woman whose life she saved. She is kind but not someone unrealistic in her optimism and greatness. She is a great mix of being bold as well as vulnerable.

I love how Healer binds its solemn parts with an occasional dash of humor and keeps us entertained throughout. I love the hacker ajumma as well as the theme music which is different but oh-so-good. Can’t wait for more!