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Pinocchio is definitely a fantastic drama and although I haven 10 (!) episodes left to finish it, I can say this. Its follow up drama is Hyde, Jekyll, Me which is highly anticipated as it marks the return of hot star Hyun Bin to small screen. He last starred in 2010’s mega hit and hugely popular Secret Garden. I’m 100 percent watching it and can’t wait for it to start. It is about multiple personality disorder where Hyun Bin plays a third generation chaebol and CEO of an amusement park called Wonderland. He has two personalities with the cold, harsh one as the dominant and the sweet, cute one appearing occasionally. The latter falls for heroine Han Ji Min but then the other guy doesn’t remember liking her. She plays the leader of the circus troupe who fights the hero when he tries to eliminate the circus from Wonderland. She falls for both as we know it’s a rule in dramaland that when two people fight tooth and nail, they are bound to fall in love. I like this strange relationship dynamics already and I simply love the whimsically romantic stills from the drama where the nice guy and heroine are skating or something in the snow. I also love the quirky, colourful poster with the four main characters, including Sung Joon as Hyun Bin’s hypnotherapist and Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri as a college student who has a crush on the sweet personality. I love Sung Joon but do I notice the Incarnation-of-money haircut for him here? Noooo…I hate that hairdo!! The other poster is a bit dull.

Hyde, Jekyll, Me is based on a webcomic (is this the new trend of dramaland?) and is premiering tomorrow as the new Wednesday-Thursday drama on SBS. It plans to run for 20 episodes. I really missed Hyun Bin on my screen and who can forget his dimples! Excited!

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