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It’s been a while since Misaeng completed its run and what better way to once again remember it than having a discourse about its soundtrack. Having been busy in real life things, I’m not getting a lot of blogging time and hence, so many posts have been delayed. Not to mention my drama schedule has also become messy but gradually I’m rearranging things. But I digress.

Coming back to Misaeng OST, I think just like the drama, its music is engulfed in sensitivity and poignancy. The songs are beautiful in tone as well as lyrics. There is no foot tapping number here but the album is truly wonderful with meaningful songs. Here are my picks for my favourite songs from the soundtrack:

Tomorrow by Han Hee Jung

This is one of the first songs we are introduced to in the drama. I loved it instantly. A very poignant song which is played during all the emotional moments of our protagonists and has a melancholic air.

Hidden Path by Red Cheek Puberty

Another beautiful song similar in aura to Tomorrow but it is actually a song that says about finding and making a path. It was used later on in the drama and is very soothing.

Fly by Lee Seung Yul

The moment you hear this song, encouragement is the first feeling you feel. It speaks about not stopping and going ahead. The voice is very different and the song keeps on increasing the tempo as if to tell us to fly away! A very apt song for Jang Gue Rae as he struggles to make his place in the cut-throat corporate world.

(credit to the uploaders)