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And the Healer mania continues. The drama is garnering decent ratings but it is the cult following and popularity it’s receiving in the online community that is something to feel amazed about. I’m totally loving it and my favourite things are the swoony romance between the OTP, Yoo Ji Tae, hacker ahjumma and the main characters. Of course, the story is compelling as well. The last pair of episodes were pretty heavy on emotional front as we saw Teacher losing his life for saving Healer. I felt particularly sad as three of the five friends are no longer there any more and one of them is in misery from all these years. I think Moon-ho remained timid and silent all these years which is somehow responsible for what is happening to the two kids right now. I guess he only had doubts and was hoping against hope that his hyung was not that bad. This, plus his concern for Myung-hee to have a calm life were the driving forces for him remaining silent. Of course, he was a kid back then and things were not as clear to him. But now that he has finally seen his brother’s real face, he has decided to fight against him openly.

The whole scenario of Healer shutting himself off and then Young Shin reaching for him was so amazingly good. I loved how she was adamant to leave him alone and he first resisted, then gradually accepted her embrace. I’m glad that he finally has someone to give him love, warmth and care. Ahjumma was as awesome as always, playing the crucial role in making all this happen.

The preview for episode 15 is here and it looks like our Healer will have some romance moments before the trio brings down the bad guys.

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