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bh1 I started watching weekender What Happens To My Family when it started airing. I liked the warm, cozy and cute aura it had, with a really surprising great acting turn by Park Hyung Shik. Alas, RL does not always give you so much convenience to commit to a 50 episode series and hence, I ended up dropping it. The drama went on to become highly successful and received huge ratings which even reached 40%. The following drama is Bluebird’s House and it will start airing this Saturday.

I’m happy to report that Lee Joon Hyuk (City Hunter, My Spring Days) is finally starring as the main lead. He will play a confident  and reliable man who suddenly has to face hardships when his father dies. He is able to tackle this tragic situation with the help of a family with whom he is not related. The drama also stars Lee Sang Yeob (Nice Guy, A Little Love Never Hurts) as another determined and strong-willed young man while the leading ladies include Chae Soo Bin (Spy) and Kyung Soo Jin (Plus Nine Boys). Basic plot depicts the struggles of the new generation in terms of their careers and employment. I’m sure we will not see anything as realistic as Misaeng but points for taking up something different as far as weekend dramas go. I’m sure we’ll be getting all the mandatory tropes like birth secrets, tensed father-son relationship, love squares, etc. but I like the cast and if the show goes for heartwarming moments, I think it can be a nice ride to go for. We are seeing lots and lots of families and actors here and that puts it in the standard weekend category with multiple story lines and entangled relationships.

Bluebird’s House will be directed by the PD of  Big who also co-directed my favorite show Delightful Girl Choon Hyang, while the script is written by the writer of A Little Love Never Hurts and Definitely Neighbours. It plans to have 50 episodes in all and will air on KBS.bh bh4 bh3 bh1 bh6 bh5 bh3 bh5bh7 bh2 bh