Hwang Jung Eum wows with her elegance in Marie Claire Korea


I’m pleasantly surprised by these pictures of Hwang Jung Eum featured in Marie Claire in its February issue. I’ve only seen her in Incarnation Of Money where her character was super annoying and loud for most part and hence the impression was not good. From whatever stills of her current drama Kill Me Heal Me that I’ve seen, I get the same vibes and so I’m not too keen to check that show out even if I’m reading lots of good things about how much fun it is. I do like Ji Sung a lot but I cannot watch two similar shows and I chose Hyun Bin‘s Hyde, Jekyll, Me as I was eagerly waiting for his small screen comeback. 

Thus these pictures really soothed my heart that Hwang jung Eum has this graceful, elegant side to her which I could not imagine from the roles I’ve usually seen her in. I love the subtle and subdued ambience. She looks flawless and great in all the photos and I’m happy for her that she got another hit drama after 2013’s melodrama Secret which proved to be a dark horse. In fact, the two shows have more in common apart from the main leads: Kill Me Heal Me also succeeded unexpectedly as it suffered lots of obstacles before finally locking down its leads as it could not confirm any actor for leading it. But I guess the end result is pretty awesome for the whole cast and crew as the show is leader in ratings even if the numbers are not very high.


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16 thoughts on “Hwang Jung Eum wows with her elegance in Marie Claire Korea

  1. missienelly

    I love her but I don’t blame you with her style of acting. It’s either you love or hate it. I’m on the minority side. I love her style of acting. She is over the top and can be cheesy most of the time but somehow I can see her genuinely investing her effort in all her roles. I hope you consider Kill Me, Heal Me someday…. Just forgive her over-the-top acting a bit XD

    1. snow Post author

      Maybe it had to do with her character more than her acting I guess…but yeah, over acting is something I can’t stand as compared to no acting..haha

      Aww…I might watch KMHM…but later on as two similar shows will be too much to watch simultaneously!

    2. Ramona

      Ah no you’re not minority. Instead, majority of people love her (HJE). It’s even more apparent in South Korea, where she’s like, can do no wrong in the eyes of many Korean viewers/people/netizens. She’s so loved since her High Kick Throuh the Roof turn in 2009. I remember when I was in Seoul 2 years for my study, from 2011-2013 and she’s, like, everywhere! TVs, streets, posters, banners, magazines, etc. It made me curious as to who she is and my Korean friends told me about her.

      1. snow Post author

        Glad to know she has a huge fan following in SK. Maybe I need a good drama where she has a nice character to finally like her 😉

        1. Milly87

          Try Secret Love or Golden Time for her serious roles and Can You Hear My Heart or High Kick for her comedic roles. Then Giant or Endless Love.

          1. Milly87

            Edit: Can You Hear My Heart was a drama not comedy/romcom/sitcom but Jung Eum’s char. there was not as serious & hard as she in Secret Love, Endless Love, Golden Time

  2. hohliu

    She id definitely one of the hardest working actress I know. She never seem to take breaks. She may not have a string of very good dramas but she is a steady and experience actress. I bet the producers love working with a professional actress like her. My favourite drama from her is: Can you hear my heart. Secret and current Kill me, Heal me.
    I have to add her screaming in the earlier chapters drove me bonkers but it is a rom-com so such acting is not unusual. The SK loves it and can relate to her.

    1. Milly87

      Weren’t most of her dramas had high ratings, even no. 1 in their timeslots, so she’s been called “trusted actress” or something in SK? I watched Happy Togeher with Secret Love casts and the MC asked her what her methods of always choose good dramas ^^

      1. snow Post author


        I think High Kick was topmost in its slot…as was Giant…but both had a whole slew of actors in them…

        Rest of her shows did fairly well in ratings but were not the no 1s

        1. Milly87

          Thank you for replied. ^-^

          But Secret Love was rating winner, too. Which Im sure many others still remember because its still quite new & the leads also currently hold the record of fastest reunite pair. Golden Time & CYHMH I didnt remember but as per @sekona reminder, I checked them & yes, they were rating winners too. I also saw IoM had high numbers too, something so rare for SBS weekend dramas.

    2. snow Post author


      LOL…yeah sometimes rom-coms do need those screams to add more fun factor…I just hope every time that they are minimum 🙂
      I agree…she stars regularly in dramas..and ratings are pretty good as well!

  3. kfan

    She is my favourite female Korean actress.
    Her model photo shots are beautiful.
    She has her own fashion style going on when acting which at times makes me wonder if she actually designs them her self.
    As for the many different hair styles it’s her eyes that stand out. And good on her for trying different styles/things no matter she is fighting in all her drama’s.
    I’m sad I could only watch 7 series of Endless love here in Aotearoa/New Zealand.
    How can I see the rest?
    Loved to see more of her on Netflix maybe.

    1. snow Post author

      I think you can find many websites that play the full Korean dramas..I’m sure Endless Love will be there.
      I’m not a HJE fan but I did like her in She Was Pretty. Her acting style annoys me at times.


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