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I’m pleasantly surprised by these pictures of Hwang Jung Eum featured in Marie Claire in its February issue. I’ve only seen her in Incarnation Of Money where her character was super annoying and loud for most part and hence the impression was not good. From whatever stills of her current drama Kill Me Heal Me that I’ve seen, I get the same vibes and so I’m not too keen to check that show out even if I’m reading lots of good things about how much fun it is. I do like Ji Sung a lot but I cannot watch two similar shows and I chose Hyun Bin‘s Hyde, Jekyll, Me as I was eagerly waiting for his small screen comeback. 

Thus these pictures really soothed my heart that Hwang jung Eum has this graceful, elegant side to her which I could not imagine from the roles I’ve usually seen her in. I love the subtle and subdued ambience. She looks flawless and great in all the photos and I’m happy for her that she got another hit drama after 2013’s melodrama Secret which proved to be a dark horse. In fact, the two shows have more in common apart from the main leads: Kill Me Heal Me also succeeded unexpectedly as it suffered lots of obstacles before finally locking down its leads as it could not confirm any actor for leading it. But I guess the end result is pretty awesome for the whole cast and crew as the show is leader in ratings even if the numbers are not very high.


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