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Hey guys…how are you? I’m currently in a phase where dramas are not my priority as they used to be. I’m busier in real life than before, I’m watching more movies and American shows and also I’m back to my favourite thing, which is reading! But that’s not to say that I’m not watching K-dramas at all. How is it even possible? So here is a brief summary of my current drama escapades:

  • Just completedΒ Healer and totally loved it! The ending left something to be desired but all in all, a satisfactory ride from start to finish. I’ll be starting its review soon *the toughest part*
  • I’ve seen first two episodes of Hyde, Jekyll, Me and although they didn’t grab my attention as much as I wanted them, I still liked it.
  • I’ve 10 episodes of Pinocchio, collecting dust and waiting for me to watch them. I love the show. I just need some motivation to pick it up again!
  • Lastly, I planned to watch Blood but I’m not sure about it any more. Did any one watch it? Verdict?

On other news, I watched some movies: Pride and Prejudice (beautiful), Mystic Pizza (sweet and warm) and L. A. Confidential (One of the best thrillers ever).

I also started watching The O.C.Β 

And that’s all for now. Happy Reading! πŸ™‚