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Yay! I’m jumping with joy because Byun Yo Han has been confirmed for playing the main lead in upcoming tvN drama Ex-Girlfriend Club. It’s surprising how initially I thought he was going to be just another irritating side character in Misaneg and then he gradually made his way to everyone’s heart (including mine) and now he is one of my favorites. The female lead will be played by Song Ji Hyo and I wish I could be as happy about it as I’m for the hero. I’ve seen her in only Goong and I’m quite indifferent to her charms. I hope this drama will make me like her as well. In any case, I’m definitely watching this.

Ex-Girlfriend Club is about a popular webtoon artist, played by Byun Yo Han, who creates webtoons about his past girlfriends, that include divorcee, a pretentious woman and a third rate actress. Song ji Hyo takes up the role of a movie producer who goes for the adaptation of his webtoon into a film. They also have a history together. I like the idea of this romantic comedy, even if I’m not a huge fan of exes getting back together (we had so many shows of this kind last year). I’m hoping for a great sizzling chemistry.

The drama will be helmed by the PD of shows like Miss Korea, Pasta and Golden Time — all the shows were breezy and sweet and simple, while the writer penned I Am Sam and My Country CallsEx-Girlfriend Club is scheduled to air after Superdaddy Yeol, which itself follows Heart To Heart; so basically it will be the Friday-Saturday drama from May.

So. Excited.