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Well, episode 3 of Orange Marmalade moved like a bullet train — things kept on happening one after the other. Firstly, I can understand where Ma Ri’s new resolution of giving it a go when it comes to music band comes from. But she instantly started writing lyrics with full confidence and even leading others — which was quite weird considering how much aloof she has remained till now. She never mixed up with anyone and always had this fear of revealing her true identity of being a vampire. Next, the band is formed, practice is done and they are giving the performance already! And what more, it’s highly successful. Wow! I wish we had taken some episodes to show how they all bonded, faced some difficulties and then proceeded. I admit it is not some musical drama but would it have hurt the show to give some time to it! Also, Shi Hoo was put aside in this whole scenario. Our couple likes each other, we know that. But their interactions were just rushed by playing a background music instead of giving us some scenes and dialogues. Thankfully, what we did see in previous episodes and this one, made me care for them and also feel with them that love-is-in-the-air. I also liked that last scene where they go to that lighthouse — where do they have this lovely location! I love the OTP and Yeo Jin Goo‘s eyes and expressions — I love it! After putting my thinking cap, I’m assuming that this drama is about some other major story and conflict — we thought that it is going to be a cute, romantic, sweet love story about two high schoolers where one is human and other is vampire. But I think there is another major picture which we are going to see in future episodes. I also like that the drama keeps on introducing new theories about vampires as we move forward.

I wonder if Jae Min’s hate of vampires comes purely because his mom left him to marry one. I like that Shi Hoo is a softy from inside who cares a lot for Ma Ri. As the drama threw more light on the back story,  we found out that he knows Jae Min’s opinion about vampires and thus, he doesn’t want Ma Ri to get hurt later on. I’m glad that Ma Ri gave herself a chance to try things that she wants to do by keeping aside her perpetual fear and also later, inspired by Teacher Han, taking her first step towards love. I also liked the way she explained in that earlier scene about the difference between their outlooks — she is someone who doesn’t like attention. I always love the mature responses that Jae Min gives — I actually like everything about him and I’m sure when he’ll know her true identity, he’ll be able to understand his mom’s feelings too.

I can’t wait to see what this show has in store for us, more so because it is as unpredictable (for me) as the result of a football match.