OCN brings another thriller drama ‘Missing Noir M’


And OCN does it again. A go-to channel for thriller genre as far as kdramas are concerned, the network is bringing a new show titled Missing Noir M this March. The drama will tackle the plot about cases related to missing persons, be it victims or those connected with serious crimes. Headlining the lead roles are Kim Kang Woo (Golden Cross) and Park Hee Soon (All About My Romance). Kim Kang Woo plays a Harvard graduate who returns to home country and leads a special task force that deals with toughest cases about missing persons. He is extremely intelligent and also is an ex-FBI agent. He will be joined by Park Hee Soon‘s character ย of a veteran detective. I’m surely intrigued by this premise and I’m just glad they are taking something without the hash tag of ‘serial killers’. Jo Bo Ah (last seen in Surplus Princess) plays a hacker, which, I have to say, is a great way to try a 180 degree different range of role as compared to her last one. Park So Hyun (Triple) plays a medical examiner while Kim Kyu Chul (Blade Man) also costars. Another factor that amps up my excitement is the addition of Kang Ha Neul (Misaeng) in a special appearance in its first two episodes. The show comes from the team behind hit series TEN and I’m hoping for some nail-biting tension and bromance. Missing Noir M premieres on March 28 with about 10 episodes in total. Check out the posters and script reading pics.



mnย mn4

mn7 mn6 mn5

8 thoughts on “OCN brings another thriller drama ‘Missing Noir M’

  1. Timescout

    OCN shows tend to be a bit of hit and miss but as this is by the makers of TEN I’m tentatively optimistic it’ll be good. And Park Hee Soon makes most things better by default. XD

    1. snow Post author

      Haven’t seen any work of Park hee Soon…in fact, I haven’t seen anything from any of the cast members…but considering that the team comes from TEN, which was liked by all, I’m hoping for a good thriller.

      1. Timescout

        Oh, he’s great. Even in stuff that stinks to high heavens, LOL! My first encounter with PHS was in ‘Evasive Inquiry Agency’ where he stole almost every single scene he was in.^^ No mean feat when the lead is Lee Min Ki. PHS predominantly does movies so he is not all that well know with the foreign drama audiences.

        Yeah, I’m hoping for something good too. Fingers crossed.

        1. snow Post author

          Evasive Inquiry Agency is on my planlist from so long!! I guess I should return to my old marathon days, where I used to watch whatever I liked instead of currently airing shows..

          1. Timescout

            EIA had it’s flaws but it’s quirky and totally hilarious in places. No real romance though, but as that’s not what I need in my dramas, I didn’t mind.

            Sometimes I whistfully look back on those days too. It was easier when I didn’t know any Korean to speak of and subbing was slower. I generally waited for the whole drama to be done and watched older stuff in the mean time. Now I can just watch almost anything raw. ๐Ÿ™‚

          2. snow Post author

            Even though I always want romance in my dramas (and I love it when it finds its place surprisingly where I least expect it…say in a thriller)..but I can always watch and love things without it…
            Wow….it must be awesome to watch episodes raw…i cannot even dream of it ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Blue

    Ohhhh I will watch this drama! I think I first heard about it here on your blog. I’m also currently watching Golden Cross, Kim Kang Woo is an actor that I really like. I had no CLUE Kang Ha Neul would be in the first two episodes, yessss one more reason to watch it!! ^^

    1. snow Post author

      IKR! Kang Ha Neul is reason enough to check out the drama..hehe ๐Ÿ˜‰
      The show sounds good as well…mystery and thrills!


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