Another year, another new round of Liebster Awards. I love these as it gives us a chance to do something beyond what we normally post in our respective blogs. Most importantly, a great way to increase affection among bloggers. Thanks a lot everyone who nominated me and here are my answers:

The rules:

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Note: I’m not nominating anyone as I’ve already nominated and asked questions in my previous Sunshine Award post.

 Questions by  from An Unstppable Sun

How did you come into K-dramas/J-doramas/Taiwanese dramas?

I reluctantly watched K-movie My Little Bride on my cousin’s recommendation. By the end of the film, I was deeply in love with it. I wanted to see more of Kim Rae Won and also more K-movies, which then led me to world of dramas. Google helped me a lot—I searched and found Dramawiki and also the fact there is this whole world where thing called dramas exist. I read and read synopsis of so many shows, based on recommendations from Yahoo answers. Marriage of convenience is my favourite trope and that led me to Delightful Girl Choon Hyang. Before I knew it, I was madly in love with it and then there was no looking back!

What other aspects of Korean/Japanese/Taiwanese culture are you interested in?

Food, History, Music, Social Culture

Would you ever want to live in Korea/Japan/Taiwan?

Yes! [I hope I won’t have problems due to language]

What made you start blogging? Has that reason changed over time?

Blogging started after getting inspired from so many blogs and I wanted to write my thoughts on it. It was more like a herd mentality at that time. But then after creating-deleting many blogs, I found my footing when I realised I want to have my own signature and style written in my blog. Love for writing developed. Basically earlier I started as I loved dramas but now I love writing as well.

How rewarding would you say the experience has been so far?

Immensely rewarding. Each day inspires me to write more and learn new things about writing effectively. It helps in pressing my creative buttons. It gives me an edge whenever I mention that I write a blog and that too on Korean dramas. Also, I made so many wonderful friends here that share my love for dramas.

What are three dramas that you’d say really affected you?

Well, different dramas affected me differently. Some I got deeply attached with and some made me live their emotions.

Misaeng, Delightful Girl Choon Hyang, You’re Beautiful, Answer Me 1997

Favourite actors/actresses?

Actor: Kim Rae Won, Jae Hee, Jo Seung Woo, Lee Min Ho, Kim Myung Min, Rain, Jo Jung Suk, Lee Seung Gi, Hyun Bin, Gong Yoo, Lee Jong Suk, Kim Woo Bin, Seo In Guk,  Yeon Woo Jin, Kang Ji Hwan, Kang Ha Neul, Roy Qiu, Oguri Shun.

Acress: Gong Hyo Jin, Shin Min Ah, Park Shin Hye, Jung Ryu Won, Park Ha Sun, Han Hyo Joo, Sooyoung.

What are three pairings you really want to see in K-dramaland/J-doramaland/T-dramaland?

There are many. You can play match the column with my favourite actors and actresses, Haha. Here are some random choices:

Lee Min Ho-Park Ha Sun, Kim Rae Won-Gong Hyo Jin, Jo Seung Woo-Shin Min Ah.

What is it about Asian dramas that hooks you? Do you ever see yourself moving away from them?

There are more than one reasons for it: they are really feel-good and make me happy, they have a complete story with a limited length and they have so much heart. They make me swoon.

I don’t see myself completely detached from dramas but I’ve realised that with time, my addiction has reduced a lot. There was a time when I ate, drank, slept dramas but now I know there are lots of things I want to do and there is a life outside dramaland.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

With my family and loved ones.


Questions by  from Dramajjang

1. What was the first drama you watched and how you ended up watching it?

Delightful Girl Choon Hyang. I watched My Little Bride and in my search for more K-movies, by chance I found the world of dramas. Google helped me a lot—I searched and found Dramawiki and also the fact there is this whole world where thing called dramas exist. I read and read synopsis of so many shows, based on recommendations from Yahoo answers. Marriage of convenience is my favourite trope and that led me to Delightful Girl Choon Hyang. Before I knew it, I was madly in love with it and then there was no looking back!

2. Was there a drama/movie you felt described your life or your situation the most, or a character of the drama/movie you felt he/she was a lot like you at a certain period of time?

Hmm. Not completely but I felt portions of certain dramas and characters that mirrored my feelings or nature.

3. What time of the day you enjoy watching dramas/movies the most?

Night, and sometimes in the afternoon.

5. Favourite food/sweets to eat while watching dramas/movies.

Chocolate, or some juice.

6. Did you change your fashion style after getting into Asian culture? If you did, how you changed?

Not really. I do love the bright dresses worn by certain heroines in summer/spring dramas.

7. Do you ever feel that drama/movies boyfriends makes it hard to choose a boyfriend in real life because of the perfection.

I think we don’t choose a bf, we just fall in love. And then everything looks swoony and romantic and perfect. Moreover, even drama bfs are not perfect, are they? I do want to have all those unplanned romantic moments like dramas in my life *a girl can dream*

8. Choose a song that describes your life now.

There are many and they keep on changing depending on my mood.

9. What’s your favourite movie of all times and why?

Again there are MANY! For now, let’s say Shawshank Redemption as it is so inspiring.

10. Did you read as a kid, what books do you remember and why?

Yes, I started reading from a very early age. The first thing I read were comics, then came fairy tales and finally Nancy Drew. I love Nancy Drew as it’s full of adventure, thrill, courage and mystery, with a girl as the main protagonist.


Questions by  from Dramajjang

1) With Ga In’s choreography in Paradise Lost MV i think paradise was found, do you love Ga In? If not, why?! Confess your thoughts to me.

I’m not much into Kpop. I love reading articles on Seoulbeats but I don’t listen to the songs or watch MVs. I don’t have an opinion on Ga In but as far as the MV is concerned, I didn’t like it. I think there was more exposure than necessary.

2) When you can’t think of a proper question what do you actually do? Silence is gold or silence is a burden? Or the truth lies somewhere in the middle?

Silence is gold but truth should not be lost in your silence.

3) South of the border or west of the sun?


4) How many dramas are you currently watching? And which ones?

Only 2. Girl Who Sees Smells and Three Musketeers. Dropped Falling For Innocence.

5) Is there a comeback from the world of Asian pop that you highly expect or want to happen?

Maybe from the popular singers of the 90s.

6) Did you ever feel like Yo Na? If yes, would you be able to confess your guilty feelings to me?

I haven’t seen Kill Me Heal Me.

7) Take for example The Girl Who Sees Smells, whether you watch it or not, which weird drama ability would you like to possess?

Controlled Invisibility.

8) Movies like 2046, In the Mood for Love and Lust, Caution are some of my favorites of all time, what do you think of them? Are you expecting The Crossing as much as i do?

I hardly watch/like Asian movies except those of Jackie Chen. I do watch and love Indian films though 🙂

9) Any idea on how recaps could take less time?

Teach me! In all my attempts, they left me exhausted. One suggestion can be to write a summary and take less screencaps.

10) “Omona omona” they are doing some sort of chincha dance next to the singer, let’s join all together and form an MV. Seriously now, do you like trot music? Did you like the song?

I have no interest in trot music. Not that I’ve listened any trot song. LOL.

11) Saranghaeso mianhae, saranghaeso mianhae! Did you enjoy the song? But apart from that, did you catch yourself secretly singing along?

I don’t have a fast net connection, so I can’t listen to the song right now. I’ll get back to this when I finally get to hear it.