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Hospital Playlist was one of the best Korean dramas from last year and one of its highlights for me was the lovely soundtrack that made the whole experience much more amazing. The show’s music consists of covers of popular Korean songs released in the 1990s and 2000s, garnishing them with a fresh flavour. The soundtrack right away brings the soothing feeling of nostalgia and old-school. Needless to say, the OST is currently on loop for me!

The show has a fictional band called Mido and Falasol made by the five major characters and actors with Jo Jung Suk as the lead singer and the other four with various instruments.

Aloha by Jo Jung Suk (Original song by Cool, 2001)

The song became my favourite instantly with its lovely, warm starting music. The song then proceeds to express love for the special someone. The rhythm is slow in the beginning and later it increases the pace. Apart from the softer version, the song is also featured with a comic touch in the flashback scene when the five friends sing it in a karaoke.

Confession Is Not Flashy by Super Junior’s Kyuhyun (Original song by Lee Seung Hwan, 1993)

A romantic track that is understated and velvety. It definitely sets up the mood for silent confession of love.

Beautiful My Love by Urban Zakapa (Original song by Lee Jeong Yeol, 1999)

It’s a soft, serene duet, filled with lots of feels. It gradually becomes relatively sharper but still captivates.

In Front of City Hall at the Subway Station by Kwak Jin Ohn  (Original song by Zoo, 1990)

This track reminds me of Reply 1988 (Answer Me 1988) OST. I get the same feelings of nostalgia, warmth, simpler days. Ah the good old days.

Me to You, You to Me by Mido and Parasol (Original song by Jatanpung, 2001)

This is the only song that I recognized among the numerous covers. It was also used in the soundtrack of one of my favourite movies, The Classic (2003) and has been a permanent song in my playlist from many years. Do check out the beautiful movie version starring Son Ye Jin and Jo In Sung. I also loved the Hospital Playlist version where everyone sings it. ❤️❤️❤️

The Wind Is Blowing by Lee So Ra (Original song by Im In Gun, 2016)

Another slow ballad that exudes calmness and has a high emotional quotient.

Oh! What a Shiny Night by Mido and Parasol (Original song by Crying Nut, 2001)

This is a fast number in an album that comprises mostly slow romantic tracks. It has an upbeat feel with a foot tapping sound. Rock & roll!

Met You By Chance by Mido and Parasol (Original song by Songolmae, 1981)

Another foot tapping number, this song is special because the Hospital Playlist band of the five friends has an audience in this one. Watch for the wonderful reaction by Kim Gab Su‘s character as he hears the beats of this fun song.

(Credit for all the links goes to the uploaders)