‘School’ comes with new installment for 2015


School 2013 was one of my most favourite shows of that year. It was filled with poignancy and touching moments. The characters made you smile, laugh and cry with them. Not to mention the epic bromance, not only between Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin, but also between the trio of bullies. I did have one complaint in that show, which was the absence of importance given to female students. I guess KBS heard my complaint because it is bringing the next installment of the School franchise with a girl as the main character. Kim So Hyun (Girl Who Sees Smells, I Hear Your Voice), who has made quite a name as talented child actress and teenage counterpart of the heroine in many shows, will take up her first leading role. She is joined by Yook Sung Jae (Plus Nine Boys) and Nam Joo Jyuk (Surplus Princess). The story takes mystery genre at its centre as Kim So hyun plays double role of twins whose fate gets interchanged. One of them mysteriously disappears one day while the other gets transferred to new school. Yook Sung Jae plays bad boy while Nam Joo Hyuk is up for a warm kid with cold outward nature (do we really have any other types?). Lee Pil Mo will play the teacher (I loved the teachers, Jang Nara and Daniel Choi in the predecessor) and from the warm and considerate Lee Pil Mo I saw in Pinocchio, I’m sure I’ll love him here as well. Those of you who are new to the series of School, it first started in 1999 and has spawned a total of 5 shows, each portraying realistic issues of students. The dramas also get credit for acting as one of the first platforms of acting for now-famous stars like Jo In Sung, Ha Ji Won, Kim Rae Won, Bae Doo Na, etc. The filmy element of mystery and twins has me worried about this show as what i expect of this series is to give me something close to life. And oh, I forgot to mention the title, which is Who Are You — School 2015. Even the name sounds so dramatic! I’m on the fence with this one, that’s for sure. The drama starts from April 27, taking up the Monday-Tuesday slot from Blood, which sadly did not manage to gain good ratings.

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7 thoughts on “‘School’ comes with new installment for 2015

  1. Timescout

    Well, you never know how these things turn out anymore. The longer I watch kdramas the less I trust the ability of the production to present something worth watching. Mostly due to badly written stories. If the script is lacking no amount of good acting or directing will save the drama. That’s my expereince anyway.

    I really liked School 2013 too and it would be nice if this instalment brings on the same sort of ‘feels’. 🙂 I also wish it won’t get too heavy á la Angry Mom. Poignant is ok but I don’t think we need another show of full on school misery.

    1. snow Post author

      Yep. True. Even if actors are mediocre or even plain bad, a good script can still do wonders but a badly written work cannot be saved by good acting.
      I don’t like the over-bullying that dramas tend to show. It just looks too miserable and unrealistic that all the students can be so mean. At least I haven’t seen such people in real life. That said, I also want the show to bring those poignant emotional feels without becoming too grim and melodramatic.

  2. Lifewithcassandra

    This is reading more like a melodrama . I loved School 2013 , so I will carefully hope for the best in this one.

  3. psychopathsgetbored28

    I’m not sure about this one either. Neither the cast nor the story-line seems alluring enough. And, somehow I don’t want to ruin the beautiful memory that the last ‘School’ drama left me with. 🙂
    Totally agree with you on some kdramas dragging the bullying part more than required. 😐
    I’m really struggling with finding a new drama to watch…might as well run to some old ones now. ^_^

    1. snow Post author

      Oh have you tried Girl Who Sees Smells? It’s full of cuteness! I’m really enjoying it.
      You know what? I’m also having this urge from few days to rewatch some old classics….ha…telepathy!

      1. psychopathsgetbored28

        Ah, I’ll give it a try then! 🙂
        True True! I wish to watch some old classics too! Telepathy indeed! 😀


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