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Hey guys

Hope you all are in good health. I have been missing in action from so many days as I’m not having a proper net connection right now. But I still managed to keep up with my dramas and here is my drama update:

  • I’ve completed 6 episodes of Girl Who Sees Smells. It keeps getting better where cuteness and romance and fun is concerned, which makes up for the incompetency in detective element. But thrill is there all right. The big reveal was not surprising but still chill ran down my spine in that revelation scene. Well done, Show.
  • Next, I completed Three Musketeers! I know I always say that I stay away from sageuks. The drama was already receiving huge amount of praise while airing and when I saw that this show has marriage of convenience, I got attracted to it like a moth to a flame. Not to mention the timeless mixture of action and adventure. I totally loved it! Review is coming up very soon.
  • I dropped Falling For Innocence in spite of liking eps 3&4 more than the first two. Actually the thing is, I wasn’t feeling anything for anyone in the show (a huge factor for me to stay with anything) and there were many things that were making me feel bored. Hence, the decision. And the question keeps on bothering me in these heart transplant shows: is he really in love with her, or he is in love because of his heart, which belonged to someone else and hence, that someone is actually in love. Well, whatever.
  • I’ve reached to season 4 of The O.C. Season 3 was really bad, what with Marissa and her constant depression. And the useless plot with Johnny. I’m just glad that the fun factor has returned with the last season and no more darkness and headaches.
  • Lastly, I watched two movies: The Princess Diaries and French Kiss. Both are charming and sweet.