Sung Joon, Park Hyung Shik, Im Ji Yeon confirmed for SBS drama ‘True Romance’ while UEE considers

sj uee The casting rigmarole was pretty long for upcoming SBS drama True Romance but finally it has succeeded in confirming its cast, well, almost. The show was formerly named Chaebol’s Daughter and tells the story about a rich girl who wants to experience true love. I think both the titles hit the nail on the head about the basic premise. The heroine then disguises herself as a poor girl and starts working at a food store  in order to search for her true love and a man who will love her for what she is, without thinking about her money. I don’t think it’s the most original idea and looks more like some weekend drama stuff. But then I can see its appeal too. UEE is in talks to play this part. Sung Joon has been confirmed to play the hero, a middle manager in a conglomerate who only wants success in his job and has no intention to love anyone. He has suffered poverty since childhood and seen how everyone disregarded his parents due to their economic status. He has become a calculating man who only takes interest in things that will bring profit to him. Park Hyung Shik (who was adorable in his last drama What Happens To My Family) has joined the cast to play a rich man who loves to spend his money and is the pampered rich boy but then changes after falling in love with the heroine. Im Ji Yeon has been cast as our heroine’s new friend when she starts pretending as poor. She is sweet, hardworking but slower in understanding things. The actress made her début last year in movie Obsessed with Song Seung Heon and was also considered to star in Kill Me, Heal Me. I’m not a fan of either of the cast members but I like three of them and I’m not aware of Im Ji Yeon’s work. UEE gave a winning performance in Ho Goo’s Love and Sung Joon was last seen as crazy villain in Hyde, Jekyll, Me. I’m happy that he is finally getting to play main lead in a major broadcasting channel. The premise may be overused but I’m having a good felling about this project which may not create much buzz but can have all classic tropes that we love about kdramas even if told hundreds of times. Add charming chemistry and I’m a happy camper. But I’m still not sure if this drama is going to take a rom-com, light route or the melodramatic treatment. True Romance comes from the team of One Warm Word, a melodrama which was well received but was mostly less popular among international fans. The show plans to start airing from June and will take over the Monday-Tuesday slot from Heard It Through The Grapevine, which is doing great in terms of ratings and reviews.

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4 thoughts on “Sung Joon, Park Hyung Shik, Im Ji Yeon confirmed for SBS drama ‘True Romance’ while UEE considers

  1. Blue

    Woohoooo my sweetie SungJoon is the lead and on SBS at that!!!! ^^* I cannot miss this!! I liked the title Chaebol’s Daughter much better. We see so many chaebol sons, so to have this title catches your attention more I think. And what’s with SJ and his dramas with redundant titles? “I need Romance 3″, ” Discovery of Romance” and now “True Romance”. Anyway, UEE first impressed me in You’re Beautiful. I really didn’t care for this new After School member (at the time I when I was following Kpop like crazy), until I saw her in that drama. Just shocked.

    I see Ho Goo’s love mentionned a lot, but I’ve read the beginning of a recap in the READER, without thinking, but didn’t expect the blogger to talk about the end from the first sentence. So I think I know the ending. So it doesn’t make me wanna watch it. But for UEE I might give it a try, when I have more time.

    1. snow Post author

      OHhhhh….that’s annoying isn’t it? To read the spoilers and I don’t understand why people write the ending or twist etc in the first line or the heading! But still give it a try after sometime. Maybe you’ll like it then. And it’s not a suspense thriller, so just give it a try….haha

      I didn’t realise it until you mentioned that all Sung joon drama titles are full of romance 😉
      Yes, the earlier title was far better…to find a chaebol daughter in dramaland is like finding a needle in a haystack. I wish they went for it as originally planned.

      Uee is really good in the show…

  2. Ard

    Anyone knows the OST or the Korean song title played during the trailer of this drama?

    Appreciate your help in Korean or English titles


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