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This is like the best news ever! And totally came out of the blue. My current favorite network tvN is bringing a new drama called Oh My Ghost and they have confirmed main leads as Jo Jung Suk and Park Bo Young. *crazy happy dance* I love, love, love him which started after he slayed all hearts with his amazing turn in King 2 Hearts. Later I watched him in You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin, where he was cute as a button. Then he got busy doing movies and I feared he would concentrate on films for now. But this news has just made my day. Totally unexpected but oh-so-awesome. Park Bo Young was in talks from quite some time and I read about it a few weeks before. I always love when actors return to dramaland after a long time and this will actually be her first drama leading role, hard to believe when she has consistently played main roles and earned lots of praise in movies. Her last drama was Star’s Lover which came in 2008 and starred Yoo Ji Tae and Choi Ji Woo (she played teen counterpart of the heroine) in lead roles. Need more reasons to get excited — the drama is being brought to the screen by the team behind adorable and funny High School King Of Savvy.

Coming onto the plot details, Oh My Ghost is an occult romance (how innovative is that!) about a shy and clumsy kitchen assistant who is haunted by a virgin ghost who is lustful. Jo Jung Suk plays an arrogant chef and of course her boss who doesn’t believe in ghosts. So this is like Master’s Sun but this time the hero will fall for the ghost, or the original girl, or both. Well, we’ll have to see that. The premise is super interesting and has room for lots of comedy and romance. Just imagine, how embarrassed the heroine would feel after the ghost does all skinship with the chef and later she has to face the consequences.

Oh My Ghost will premiere in July on tvN — a place for zany, upbeat, adorable, sometimes sexy and totally romantic rom-coms. Add fantasy to it this time. So excited for this pairing of talented and beautiful actors!

Do you think I can wait?