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Can’t believe the day has finally arrived when Byun Yo Han is arriving on our screens in his first main lead role. Ex-Girlfriend Club is premiering tomorrow as latest Friday-Saturday drama on tvN and stars Song Ji Hyo, Lee Yoon Ji, Jang Ji Eun and Hwa Young as his leading ladies. The story has him playing a famous webtoon writer and all the ladies as his ex-girlfriends. He met them at different phases of his life and in the current situation, he has to work with Song Ji Hyo‘s character, a producer, as she needs to make a movie based on his webtoon. Things get complicated because the webtoon is based on his ex-girlfriends and obviously she’ll be pissed off at that. But she really needs to make this film in order to save her failing company. Funny and bickering hijinks will follow and obviously love will follow that. Lee Yoon Ji stars as a successful woman who works in an investment firm, Jang Ji Eun had a noona romance with him. She married a wealthy man and then later divorced him. Lastly, Hwa Young plays a third rate actress who is also very dumb. As the movie making progresses, these ex-girlfriends enter again into our hero’s life and that will give us lots of shenanigans and fun. The posters look quite cheeky with him surrounded by the girls and each one of them is giving him some kind of torture. But he is still smiling, or rather showing a smirk. I hope to see some female bonding as well. We can also see stills where the two leads are acting as love birds, maybe their honeymoon period of dating. On a side note, don’t you just love when Byun Yo Han smiles (or laughs), it’s so natural! To be honest, most of my excitement comes only from the fact that he is acting in the drama because Song Ji Hyo does nothing for me (Having seen her only in Goong [boooring] and I don’t watch Running Man!) and I’m really hoping that they have a nice, sunny chemistry and maybe, I’ll start liking her by the end of this series.

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