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Those who know me, they are well aware of the fact that I have this huge soft spot for Jae Hee ever since I saw him in Delightful Girl Choon Hyang. He showed great comic timing and excellent chemistry with Han Chae Young. I love him a lot and it pains me to see him not getting the attention that he deserves. After completing his mandatory military service, he has done four dramas. Colour Of Woman was good at the start but then derailed later on and I dropped it. Then there was melodrama May Queen which I didn’t watch as I came to know that he won’t be getting the girl and well, I think the drama wasn’t appealing. I’m happy for him that it received good ratings and he also bagged an award for it. Then there was Jang Ok Jung, and I hated it that he was sidelined so much in that show, after initially citing him as one of the main characters. Last year, he did jTBC’s period weekend drama First Born. Anyway, I’m always happy to read some news about him and I’m simply glad that he’s back to dramaland, even if it’s through a daily drama. I’m even thinking about giving it a try (if subs are available of course) just for my Jae Hee! Even if there is a smidgen of some good things in it, it will be worth a watch. Well, hopefully.

The drama is titled Save The Family and stars Jae Hee as an ambitious doctor who doesn’t believe in love after failing in it once. He also considers marriage as business. He works in a village but then becomes less enthusiastic about that life and plans to move back to the city.The female lead is Kang Byul, who plays an assistant chef, who obviously believes in love and marriage. According to dramaland laws, opposites always fall in love and so starts our hero’s conflict as feelings swing between love and ambition. The plot has potential to tick all trademark bullet points of any regular weekender or a daily soap but hey, at least there is no makjang-ness in it! Kang Byul has done supporting roles in dramas like God’s Gift 14 Days, Rooftop Prince and Mandate Of Heaven while appeared as main lead in recently wrapped drama Miss Mamma Mia.

Save The Family comes from the writer of I’ll Give You The Stars And The Moon and Melody Of Love and is being directed by PD of Wife And Woman, both veterans in the field of daily dramas. The show starts on Monday, 11 May on KBS, airing from Monday to Friday. Check out the posters and script reading pics. As always, Jae Hee is the best thing about his project and looks great here. Overall, the show seems cute and upbeat enough to dive in both feet.



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