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I can’t believe the deluge of dramas that is arriving on my screen. May looks like the month of drama premieres. Ex-Girlfriend Club and Warm And Cozy have already started and soon this week will see the launch of Producers and Orange Marmalade, both hitting the air on Friday. Then there is Masked Prosecutor next week and Mask after that. Usually I don’t have much problem but what can a Kdrama fan do when she is interested in all the shows! Anyway, here is a brief account of dramas I’m currently watching:

Girl Who Sees Smells (Episodes 11-12)

Last week was quite frustrating. I have ignored all plot holes and incompetent cops all along the run of this drama but episodes 11 and 12 checked my patience. I was happy that the show was successfully giving me cuteness galore with amazing couple and also lots of edge-of-your-seat thrills. But last week, bad writing was there with neon signs that I couldn’t avoid it. Let’s take some examples. Cho Rim received the text from her father to pick him up. She sees that it’s chef’s address but there is no surprise anywhere. She knows that he could be a murderer (the knowledge of which doesn’t leave her with shock either) and she just goes in his house without informing anyone. Seriously! Then there is Moo Gak. Yes, he found out about that spy app. And what he did: openly challenged the killer instead of using his planted device against him. Then Detective Oh. He went to chef with his own motives but ended up doing nothing at all. The cops know that chef is a strong suspect than why not put some men to keep an eye on his every movement. Well, these are some of the many complaints I had. I can only say that I got some relief from two things. First, the noble idiocy didn’t last long and we got some adorable cuteness. And secondly, the show never fails to give me chills and thrills. So everything is not lost.

Full House (Thai) (Episodes 1-17)

Why did I wait so long for this version of Kdrama classic? It aired in 2014 and one of my drama friends suggested me to give it a try. This drama corrects everything that was wrong with K-version. Basically, romance part. That 2004 show was severely lacking in romance, limiting it to only jealousy and bickering. This Thai drama shows the leads with honest, candid conversations along with the bickering bit. They also show physical awareness when two people live together (which was zero in the K-version), the main hero is not a total jerk and is mostly a softy who has no shame in saying sorry, etc. And most importantly, Mike, the male lead, is my new crush. I’m head over heels in love and I surely need help here. LOL. Only 3 episodes are left. On an additional note, this drama has great costumes for the hero and has an excellent cinematography. I recommend this to all romance lovers out there (it’s better if you have seen the K-version, as you can easily skip the side character scenes and too-much-angsty portion in the last episodes).

Ex-Girlfriend Club (Episode 1)

I have to write a first impression post once I watch the 2nd episode but here are my thoughts on ep 1. Well, to be totally honest, it was dull and average. I found myself fast forwarding some scenes already and my interest got picked only in last scene. Byun Yo Han is charming but everything else was unexciting. I’m hoping that 2nd episode will be better.

Warm And Cozy (Episode 1)

One word: soothing. It resembles its name, everything warm and cozy. I think the tone is definitely different from what we normally get in dramas. I liked the characters, the hero is not a jerk, in fact he is having such a warm nature. I have yet to see episode 2 and then only I can write my overall thoughts because the plot was not huge in terms of narrative. That cinematography is lovely, even if it looks like Jeju tourism ad.