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I was delaying to start much-hyped The Producers as its more than 60 minutes length was making me avoid it for other shorter things. Also the mixed reviews it was getting didn’t make me a lot excited. Finally the deluge of dramas in my bag didn’t help either. But a few days back, when I didn’t have anything new to watch, I finally decided to throw my hat in the ring — and what a rewarding decision it turned out to be! I haven’t laughed so much for a drama in recent days and after completing 2 episodes, I can safely say that I love it!

The drama is definitely something different than what we normally see in dramaland. The execution lends the drama with unique flavour. Aside from the story of four people set in behind the scenes of variety programs, the show has interview snippets of characters talking on camera, directly to us, a sort of documentary. Something like breaking the fourth wall. I found them totally funny, laced with deadpan expressions and humour. The show is set in the entertainment world and daringly uses real names and titles of various variety programs. Let me make it clear that I’m as interested in variety/reality shows as I would be in watching clothes revolving in a washing machine. So I have zero knowledge about them except knowing a few names that I read here and there. But this fact didn’t came as an obstacle in enjoying the drama. I do have a certain general knowledge about K-entrainment by now and hence I could catch some meta references if not all. The show has lots of funny lines and I found myself laughing for most part.

The characters are interesting and I can’t wait to know more about them. I don’t think Kim Soo Hyun‘s Baek Seung Chan is Misaeng‘s Jang Gue Rae. For one, he pulls pranks, although in secret, on people (so hilarious when he puts that trash packet on Joon Mo’s car or when he tries to put broken chair for him). Also, he is a bit dimwit and nerdy who takes things on their face value unlike Gue Rae and I still am not clear about his nature totally. I think he is directionless right now but did his life revolve around only that one girl for whom he joined KBS? I don’t know. I hope the following episodes will draw a clear picture about the kind of person he is.

Gong Hyo Jin is awesome again as a veteran PD. I love that she is so boastful about her power but actually caves in under certain situations, like when she requests to Cindy to perform while claiming to her trainees that she scolded her. Still, she is a confident woman and I’m already rooting her with Joon Mo. It was such a nice scene when we finally see that they live together — which I din’t expect. Cha Tae Hyun is the main highlight for me here — he is so natural and effortlessly makes me laugh. There are also shades of serious emotions there. It looks like they both like each other — but are in that stage where they themselves don’t realise it. And I’m always a happy camper for best-friends-in-love trope.

IU plays an ice princess, an idol and I think she is doing a fine job. She looks totally bored of what she does and we can see that icy persona breaking when she received that dinner or when Seung Chan offered her umbrella. I loved how she misunderstands that he might be the same PD who gave her food. Ha. I loved the amazing cameo by Yoon Yeo Jung. She acted herself and still added that depth to her role even in a short amount. I’m enjoying all the cameos we are getting and look forward to more spot-the-star game here.

The relationships are developing all around in all direction and I’m happy that we don’t know in advance who is gonna end up with whom. For now, The Producers is turning out to be a funny, zippy workplace drama with hilarious characters.