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Soo Ae and Park Hae Il headline drama film ‘High Society’

I’ve always loved Soo Ae‘s acting, though I skipped her last small screen project, the rom-com The Man Living in Our House. Now she is back with a film titled High Society alongside movie actor Park Hae Il (The Last Princess, War of the Arrows) and Lee Jin Wook (Goodbye Mr. Black). Continue reading

Mask Episode 3 Recap


I liked this episode which put our heroine straight into the web of deception, murder and money. We see her struggle through this but I can see light at the end of this dark tunnel she is walking through, as she and our hero finally have to come together, which gives hope that they will be each other’s hope to happiness. Continue reading

Mask Episode 3 Preview


I admit that I was not quite happy with the first episode of Mask as more than anything, I got the depressing feeling. But the second episode was better and succeeded in making me interested in the drama which is full of shady and crazy people and arcs. I found myself becoming more and more invested in the story even if I already knew where we were going. It helped that we got certain explanations and there was less crazy and Continue reading