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Past 2-3 days have been quite busy on the real life front. Hence, less blogging. I’m having a fun time right now after a long internship period. But I’ve been watching lots of dramas these days and planning to start a lot of them. Well, drama machine never stops and doesn’t allow us to take break when it’s been producing so many alluring dramas one after the other. Now, it’s another thing if the final product turns out to be a big fat disappointment. Let me summarize my drama thoughts now:

Orange Marmalade (Dropped after 4 episodes)

After the disaster called episode 4 of Orange Marmalade, I’ve dropped this show. I know it wanted to experiment with something new, but it isn’t working for me. I can understand if they want to tell more than one stories in a single drama but I have two problems with this. First, they shouldn’t have spoiled the first one so badly, jumping from a breezy fantasy romance to weepy melodrama where things kept on happening one after the other without any depth or sense. Secondly, even if they have different time periods, the way everyone is falling in love seems almost the same — instantly, which is another of my pet peeve in love stories, that ‘love at first sight’ thing, which rarely works for me. Anyway, it’s time to bid adieu to this show. By the way, on a shallow note, the leads look incredibly beautiful.

The Producers (completed 8 episodes)

Oh, I’m enjoying this drama So MUCH. And to think that each episode is almost one and a half hour-long, but I don’t even know when time passes with this show. The drama actually is a normal workplace rom-com, nothing new here. Only, it’s set in the popular world of variety programs. Initially they did try to induce some mockumentary style, which I was loving a lot. But to my disappointment (or maybe some viewers’ relief), they kept on decreasing it and now it’s gone. I loved the humour those scenes encapsulated. Alas, it’s gone now. Anyhow, the drama has still lots of comic situations and it makes me laugh a lot. The leads are all doing a great job and the music selection is good too. I’m totally shipping Cindy and Seung Chan & Ye Jin and Moo Jin. If the drama gives me a Ye Jin and Seung Chan pair in the end, we are going to have words, Show. As much as I enjoy that puppy crush, I don’t feel any romantic chemistry between the two as they look more like sunbae-hoobae friends. Nothing swoony about it. On the other hand, every Cindy – Seung Chan scene creates hearts in my eyes and so it pains me a lot when he remains indifferent towards their closeness. The writer is loving this love musical chair game of the leads and that’s the problem I have with this show. It’s high time we get some clear picture about it, as it looks the main motive of the drama is just confusing viewers and shippers, making them rise and fall in the emotional crest and troughs. Secondly, I would appreciate if Cha Tae Hyun gets more screen time than what he is currently getting. But all in all, Producers is my favourite and most anticipated drama right now.

Mask (completed 4 episodes)

I’m already updating thoughts on Mask with my recaps. I know I’ve repeated this several times before that recapping is not my forte but I’m just experimenting as I want to know if I can manage it. For now, it’s fun but let’s see how it goes in the future. As you can see, I don’t do a lot of screen caps as I think words should say more than the pictures. And you know, how lazy I am when it comes to taking screen caps. Heh. I find Mask quite interesting and something different for me as I usually avoid makjang and melodramas. But I like both the leads and their characters and want so badly that they become friends and then fall in love in the process. First they need to trust each other. One thing I want to point out is that I’m not liking the soundtrack or the background score for Mask. I remember getting hooked to Nice Guy‘s theme music right off the bat.

Warm And Cozy (completed 5 episodes)

I’m so behind with this show! It’s a smooth ride with this one but nothing new or extraordinary. It’s more like a pleasant hour to spend when I’m done with my priority list but the drama never leaves me with ‘I want the next episode ASAP!’ feeling. But that’s not to say that it’s boring or dull. I like the leads, even the hero who is really annoying with his immaturity but I’m sure he’ll learn with time and in the wise company of our heroine. They have a warm chemistry. I absolutely love the unexpected couple of his hyung and the diver lady. Plus, Kim Sung Oh is a delight with his awesome expressions. What I like about Warm And Cozy is that while watching it, I feel like I’m relaxing on the terrace at night and a cool breeze is flowing through me. It’s a good thing. Lastly, I hate the second female lead and the way she is written so lazily, you know bad just for the sake of being bad.