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It’s really surprising that after spending almost 4 years in dramaland, I haven’t seen any Joo Won drama to date. His last few works (Level 7 Civil Servant, Good Doctor, Cantabile Tomorrow) were totally unappealing to me and I didn’t get time or mood to watch Bridal Mask, one of his best dramas. Well, he is soon making a comeback with SBS drama Yong-pal, where he is again playing a doctor but the story and his character are as different from Good Doctor as day and night. The show comes from the director of God’s Gift 14 Days, which is reason enough for me to check this out as if we delete the ending of that show, then it’s next to awesomeness, with a fast pace and clarity even if the plot was as complex as a spider web. Anyway, Yong-pal is about a talented doctor (we don’t have any other types, just for the record) who wants to earn more and more money because he has a sister who is sick and needs regular and expensive dialysis treatment. So he starts making house calls to people who can’t visit hospitals, presumably for shady reasons. Kim Tae Hee plays a rich chaebol heiress who is engulfed in mystery and obviously will meet Joo Won when he visits her home. This pairing is surely unexpected but fresh. I really want this drama to be more thrilling than melo or simple medical-episodic show. Also starring is Chae Jung Ahn who will play sister-in-law to Kim Tae Hee and will have a conflicting relationship with her. Interestingly, this is one drama where I have not seen any of the leads’ previous works but I’m well familiar with supporting lead. I really liked Chae Jung Ahn in Coffee Prince and Prime Minister And I. Yong-pal will be written by a new writer and is slated for an August premiere following Mask in the Wednesday-Thursday slot. (And as I have mentioned Mask, I want to inform the readers that the recaps will be posted a bit late this week)