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Lee Min Ho in talks to star in a new rom-com drama


Yay! Finally Lee Min Ho might be returning to dramaland after almost 3 years (Heirs aired in 2013) as he is considering upcoming drama from the writer of You From Another Star and The Producers. He is one of my favorite actors and I’ve always loved him in each of his role (well, in case of Heirs, I never payed attention to his role as I was blinded by my Lee Min Ho-Park Shin Hye combined love. LOL) but of course, Heirs was Continue reading

Drama updates: 11 June 2015

Past 2-3 days have been quite busy on the real life front. Hence, less blogging. I’m having a fun time right now after a long internship period. But I’ve been watching lots of dramas these days and planning to start a lot of them. Well, drama machine never stops and doesn’t allow us to take break when it’s been producing so many alluring dramas one after the other. Now, it’s another thing if the final product turns out to be a big fat disappointment. Let me summarize my drama thoughts now: Continue reading

First impressions for ‘The Producers’: It’s so funny!


I was delaying to start much-hyped The Producers as its more than 60 minutes length was making me avoid it for other shorter things. Also the mixed reviews it was getting didn’t make me a lot excited. Finally the deluge of dramas in my bag didn’t help either. But a few days back, when I didn’t have anything new to watch, I finally decided to throw my hat in the ring — and what a rewarding decision it turned out to be! I haven’t laughed so much for a drama in recent days and after completing 2 episodes, I can safely say that I love it! Continue reading