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It has been nearly 2 years since Hallyu superstar Lee Min Ho did a TV drama, which was Heirs in 2013 and as the fans were eagerly waiting for announcement of his small screen comeback, we got the news that he will be doing a movie again after the follow-up project Gangnam 1970, also a movie which costarred Kim Rae Won and went on to become successful at the box office. I’m still a Lee Min Ho fan but I guess the affection has reduced a bit now but I’m sure it will take its original position once I see him in anything good. Anyway, Bounty Hunters is the name of this movie which is a collaborative project between South Korea, Hong Kong and China and will star Chinese actress Yang Mi (The Return of the Condor Heroes) opposite him. It will have an expansive location shoot with filming taking place in South Korea, China, Thailand and Hong Kong. Hong Kong actor Wallace Chung (My Sunshine) will also join the cast. The film is about bounty hunters who catch fugitives for money. Lee Min Ho plays an intelligent, cute, charming bounty hunter who has excellent martial art skills. The movie will be packed with high-octane action, comedy and fun and I can clearly see it being a light-hearted, fun, upbeat ride. Lee Min Ho was amazing in action drama City Hunter which also had some humour in it. Bounty Hunters will be directed by Korean director Shin Tae Ra of My Girlfriend Is An Agent and Runway Cop, both movies deftly mixing comedy and action, with a side of romance. Shooting will begin in August and release date will be somewhere next year.