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I should very well call this week a dropping-dramas week as I’ve said bye-bye to two shows that I was initially liking. I wouldn’t say that I dropped them like hot potato because it was a deliberate decision. So here is a brief summary of my current drama world:

Producers (Completed)

The drama ended its 12 episode run but the episode length will tell you that the show is actually not meant for “of wow! only 12 episodes!” praise. Each episode runsΒ for almost 1.5 hour but I never felt bored even for a microsecond. I especially liked how it ended. I’ll be reviewing it soon but for now, I can say that it was a thoroughly entertaining drama with lots of humour and good acting across the board. The OTP game was what annoyed me but overall it was a fun ride.

Mask (Dropped after 6 episodes)

I was getting bored! Except the main pair and our hero Min Woo, everything else was making me go for my fast forward button. It didn’t help that nothing substantial was happening as if it was stuck at the same place. Also, Ji Sook was acting too passive.

Warm And Cozy (Dropped after 5 episodes)

There was nothing actually wrong with the show till I watched it. There was nothing mind-blowing but it was a fairly smooth watch. Then came a break from my drama watching hours and when I came back, I no longer had the desire to watch its next episode. Plus, reviews of the new episodes didn’t sound too well.

I’m really looking forward to many shows β€” The Time I Loved You, Scholar Who Walks The Night, Oh My Ghostess and want to start Hidden Identity and High Society. This factor was also responsible for me dropping the dramas that I mentioned above.