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I’m a sucker for fantasy stories set in historical times. The period gives the genre an added believability and the myths and mystical characters of that time provide an intriguing factor to it. This is the main reason for me looking forward to fantasy fusion sageuk Scholar Who Walks The Night and Lee Jun Ki being the main lead also makes me equally excited and more. He stars as a scholar who is also a vampire with Lee Yoo Bi as a woman who cross dresses and sells books, and she is an expert when it comes to knowledge of books. Kim So Eun plays two roles — one as Lee Jun Ki’s first love and later as a nobleman’s daughter engulfed in mystery. Changmin stars as Crown Prince while Lee Soo Hyuk rounds out the cast as an evil vampire, who will of course be our hero’s nemesis. There will be a cameo by Lee Hyun Woo (The Con ArtistsTo The Beautiful You) as a narrator of Lee Jun Ki’s backstory. But his role is not limited to this. He’ll play a prince who studies under the same teacher as our hero and something happens with them which leads to Lee Jun Ki’s scholar’s transformation into a vampire. This thumbnail sketch of the drama and its characters makes me hopeful that we are in for mystery, romance, intrigue, adventure, magic and fun. The show had some rough start with not being able to lock down its female lead and then after filming started, both Lee Jun Ki and Lee Yoo Bi got injured. Thankfully (and hopefully) they are back to good health and the final batch of stills looks good and everyone is looking great. This post contains stills galore as the Scholar Who Walks The Night is dropping new and new promotional matter everyday. The drama will start to air next week following Warm And Cozy over at MBC.

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