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Is it too early to declare that I’m already in love with The Time I’ve Loved You (or The Time We Were Not In Love). I have consistently mentioned that more than anything, I wanted this drama to be simple and sweet, free from over-the-top shenanigans and it is delivering just that and some more. It’s a story about two best friends, Ha Na and Won, who have a nice relationship of bickering as well as affection. They have shared so much and I like that with only 2 episodes, the show has established their characters and friendship very effectively. It feels like I know them so well! Of course, there is this mystery behind our hero’s real feelings with respect to Ha Na. The last scene of second episode did hint that he liked her. But I wonder if the present Won has lingering feelings or has he moved on? And whether Ha Na used to like him as well, but hesitated after he declared that he won’t love her ever? And why did he say so? Yes, lots of questions and I’m in no hurry to get the answers for these.

I like that we get glimpses of their high school days which help in understanding them better. And their present lives are a delight to watch — low-key, casual, carefree interactions. Lee Jin Wook and Ha Ji Won have an effortless chemistry. He is so natural in this role.


Ha Ji Won looks really pretty and is sporting good clothes as well. I love that she is playing a character so different from her past roles which were all mainly action oriented. I love her girly persona here. Character wise, I like that she is not the cold or clueless woman (as we usually see in these types of roles of workaholic ladies). She adds that layer of cuteness which I’m finding very endearing. L is so cute and I seriously felt giddy with the scenes involving these two and their awareness. The comedy is not very hilarious type but mostly to bring a smile or a short laugh. And I’m okay with it.


Another character that I’m liking is that of Jin Kyung, again so far away from her icy cold one in Pinocchio. I love that she is on such warm and friendly terms with both Won and Ha Na. I like how normal everything and everyone is in this show (except of course the douchebag ex-boyfriend)— though not in the realistic sort of way, but more in dramaland sort of way. Also, it reminds me of those simple dramas where there are no huge stakes or happenings, only the simple tale of love and affection. I liked Ha Na’s family, especially her little brother but where is Won’s family? Hm.

I like the soundtrack and the cinematography. All in all, I’m really excited for more from The Time I’ve Loved You and I think I’m starting to fall in love with it.