Yoon Kye Sang and Lee Bum Soo together in JTBC drama ‘Last’


I think currently the vogue is to do cable dramas and I don’t mind this at all as they are qualitatively far better than the major networks and also, less influenced by viewers’ opinions and ratings. Of course there can be exceptions *cough*tvN. Ex-Girlfriend Club*cough* The latest stars to join growing cable world are Yoon Kye Sang and Lee Bum Soo, who are starring together in JTBC’s action thriller Last. I love these two actors, having watched them in Best Love and Prime Minister And I respectively. Both were light-hearted rom-coms but both the actors are accomplished performers who have a fine and versatile repertoire. In this webtoon turned drama, Yoon Kye Sang stars as a fund manager who suffers heavy loss which leads him to become homeless. Having no roof over his head, he starts living at the Seoul station where he then comes in contact with the underground world where Lee Bum Soo’s character is the boss who dominates this society. Costars include Seo Ye Ji (The Night Watchman) as a warm-hearted nurse, Park Ye Jin (Mr. Back) as a femme fatale and Park Won Sang (Healer) as a former boxer and Lee Bum Soo’s underling. The tone of the drama looks dark and gritty and comes from the director of shows like Empire Of Gold and Chaser, both critically acclaimed dramas. Just when I thought the drama had all great things going for it, I came across the writer’s filmography and that includes super-mess known as Dr. Jin! But it also has Time Between Dog and Wolf, for which I’ve read mostly good things and that’s a bit reassuring. Not much as the other dramas penned are Temptation and Road No.1. But then if dramaland has taught me anything, it’s that writers’ works can be like a sine wave. So I’m just being optimistic here.

Last will take over the Friday-Saturday slot from currently airing melodrama My Love Eun Dong on July 24. In the released stills, I have to say, both the stars are looking amazing!

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4 thoughts on “Yoon Kye Sang and Lee Bum Soo together in JTBC drama ‘Last’

  1. Timescout

    It’s funny how both tvN and JTBC have decided to take a leaf from OCN repertoir and go all action this summer. 🙂 Hopefully ‘Last’ performs better than ‘Hidden Identity’ though.

    Looks like one of this year’s themes is ‘dark and gritty’. ‘Even I Remember You’ is turning out to be darker than I originally thought, which I don’t mind at all.

    1. snow Post author

      Really! I thought IRY would be a light take on the crime genre…hmm..interesting.
      I really hope Last is as good as it looks and the two actors are too good to be wasted in a bad script.

      1. Timescout

        Yeah, IRY has been quite the positive surprise, the plot ain’t half bad and it’s way more intriguing than I originally thought. Of course compared to the other crime shows on air right now, it is much lighter and nowhere near as violent. So far it’s been very light on romance as well, which I approve, ha.

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