Pretty posters and character stills for vampire sageuk ‘Scholar Who Walks The Night’


In the final stretch of its promotion cycle, vampire-sageuk Scholar Who Walks The Night has released pretty posters that accentuate its central theme of vampires, myths, magic, romance and angst. The four posters include one with our hero Lee Jun Ki, standing alone with a backdrop consisting of full moon, bats and a lonely night along with fireflies scattered throughout — it gives off the vibe of a vampire fantasy to the T. Another one provides a close glimpse of him, looking really pretty with an eye liner and red eyes to complete his look. Then there is a poster featuring our main couple, in an embrace. Although Lee Yoo Bi cross-dresses as a man, she is looking lovely in her female attire in the poster and they are looking cute. The fourth and final poster includes all main characters and actors in addition to the main pair — Kim So Eun, Changmin, Lee Soo Hyuk — standing in a library. The individual character stills have also been released. I think the contrast between the two females is clear — Lee Yoo Bi looks exuberant and playful while Kim So Eun looks gentle and graceful. All male leads are also showing off their respective character traits. Scholar Who Walks The Night will start airing this Wednesday on MBC. The drama is surely accompanying a lot of things — vampires, cross-dressing, evil supernatural creatures, doppelgänger, mysterious princes but all in all, colour me super-excited!

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4 thoughts on “Pretty posters and character stills for vampire sageuk ‘Scholar Who Walks The Night’

  1. kfangurl

    I’m really hoping that this is more SKKS-meets-Arang than Orange-Marmalade-grows-up!! LJK looks great, and those posters look amazing. But I’ve been disappointed by glorious posters before (ahem, Joseon Gunman) XD

    1. snow Post author

      Ahaha…I didn’t watch Joseon Gunman! Hopefully this drama would be more than fluff…I’m not expecting much but at least it should be decent enough…did you start Orange Marmalade? That’s one weird case…lol
      Your comment reminds me that I should watch Arang And The Magistrate soon…which is standing in my plan list from so long!

      1. kfangurl

        I’m 5 eps into Orange Marmalade, and have no clue why the show went back to Joseon times. I’m still hanging in there, for now! I loved Arang!! It deserves more love, so yes, please watch it sometime! 🙂


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