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FINALLY! After keeping us waiting and waiting and waiting, the preview for episode 13 of Oh My Ghostess is out. We left on a very delicate moment when Bong Sun told the truth to Sun Woo about being possessed and all the fans were dying to know what will happen next. What would be his reaction. As expected, he is not believing it and thinks she just wants to break up with him and finding excuses for it. He also thinks that she is having those so called bipolar attacks. There is angst and teasing during angst makes things more enjoyable, not for the characters but for us viewers — Min Soo asks Bong Sun about what Sun Woo calls her usually. Ha. Then we also see Bong Sun leaving the restaurant, and everybody is crying. Sun Woo is crying. Bong Sun is crying. I wonder where this all will go. And yeah, we also see her tearing pages from that diary where she used to paste things related to Sun Woo. Yes, Sun Woo remembered his moment with Soon Ae as the most grateful one, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t cherish her company. There is also a written preview which says that Soon Ae will possess some police women to retrieve her diary from Sung Jae. Yay for some investigation and I hope she fights back to this person who is an evil spirit. More explanation is needed as to why that blackish spirit came to him during his depressed moment of childhood. Anyway, I want to leave it on the drama to explain and culminate in whatever way it wants to. Just keep everyone happy, ok Show.

Preview for Oh My Ghostess Episode 13:

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