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OCN is the go-to channel for having your fix for thriller dramas. It has been producing non-stop shows of the genre which are known to be gritty, dark and serious and now it’s bringing one of its hit dramas back with a second instalment — Ghost-Seeing Detective Cheo Yong (or simply Cheo Yong). It stars Oh Ji Oh as the titular detective who has the ability to see ghosts and this helps him to solve cases. In the original run, he was accompanied by fellow female detective (played by Oh Ji Eun, King Of Dramas) and a spirit of a school girl, played by Jun Hyo Sung (of Kpop group Secret). The second season will bring back two out of the three main leads, with Oh Ji Eun’s role being replaced by Ha Yun Joo (It’s Okay, It’s Love) who will be another female detective. I didn’t see the first part. I remember being excited about it but then the mix of busy schedule and late release of subtitles made it something I didn’t give a try. I read mixed reviews (mostly positive) about it but you all who did see this show will have to fill me in about whether you liked it or not. The drama surely looks spooky and thrilling. I don’t know how they will make this season different from the previous one — as it will have the same case-of-the-day scenario. Of course they have tweaked the cast a bit and I’m sure the plot initially had Oh Ji Oh’s character being reluctant to do his work due to some past trauma. Ghost-Seeing Detective Cheo Yong 2 will start airing from today, with a total of 10 episodes running each Sunday. I’m sure the fans must be waiting eagerly for this one!

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