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mgy sek

Moon Geun Young was my first Korean actress that I watched in anything as her lovely movie My Little Bride was my entrance into the world of K-entertainment. I love that film to pieces and really loved her in it. And so it was really disappointing for me to find out that there weren’t any dramas (when dramaland became my favourite place) of her that were highly recommended and later I did try Alice in Cheongdamdong but dropped it like hot potato after a few episodes as it was another let down. Her last work for small screen was in 2013 sageuk Goddess Of Fire, which also added to the same list. I think she is a fantastic actress and so I’m happy that she has chosen something different this time for her next TV show, the murder mystery drama Village (also The Village: Achiara’s Secret). Fingers crossed that this will be 180 degree different from her other dramas in all aspects. The premise sounds very different from what we normally see in dramaverse, even the background set-up is atypical. It’s about a peaceful village with ordinary life and people. This world gets a shock one day when a long buried corpse is discovered. There are no missing person cases here and hence, it’s really mysterious to find the body with questions swerling around it — who, when, why, what. I find this premise really intriguing and creepy. Being a fan of mystery genre, this is like a perfect plot for me to get some chills and thrills and taking part in solving the puzzle. Moon Geun Young will play the role of a girl who tires to solve this mystery — so something like Nancy Drew! I love Nancy Drew..so yay for a female investigator rather than a male one. The show will reunite her with Kim Jae Wook, as they worked together in Marry Stayed Out All Night. I’ve only seen him in The First Shop Of Coffee Prince and really liked him there. Right on the heels of playing a delightful character in Oh My Ghostess as hero’s mom, Shin Eun Kyung also joins the cast of Village, taking up the role of a director of an art gallery who married the richest man in the said village. In this cliche-ridden milieu of dramas, it’s always great to see something taking a novel path and hence, I’m really excited for Village. It will be broadcast on SBS (which is another surprise as one would think that it was a show being prepared for a cable channel) and comes from the writer of Que Sera Sera and Can Love Become Money while PD of sageuks like Iljimae and The Great Seer wears the director’s hat. It plans to begin from October following Yong-pal, which is making new records with each new episode in terms of ratings.