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On one hand, I’m sad that Oh My Ghostess has ended. On the other hand, it means that Twenty Again is starting this week and I’m so, so, so excited for it. The drama stars Choi Ji Woo as a 38 years old housewife who returns to college after spending all her years being a dedicated wife and mother as she got married and became mother at the age of 19 and never got the chance to study further. It’s refreshing to see her in a very vibrant, cheerful, cute character after mostly doing serious or melodramatic roles before. Choi Won Young (I Remember You) plays her husband who is also a psychology professor in the same college. He thinks she is an uneducated woman and disregards her, even asking a divorce. Lee Sang Yoon (how much I love that he has retained his Liar Game hairdo!) plays her first love and also a theatre professor. Kim Min Jae (Persevere Gu Hae-ra) plays her son while Sohn Na Eun (Childless Comfort) stars as his girlfriend, who are in the same college as well. The other players include Park Hyo Joo (Secret Door) as daughter of university chairman and No Young Hak (Masked Prosecutor) as our heroine’s senior. I love this cast and the set-up. It sounds a bit like Angry Mom but changing the tone and school setting to a college one. I’m delighted that we have a drama set in college/university which is as rare in dramaland as a sunflower in the desert. The show looks like it’s going to provide lots of fun with heartwarming experience to go with it. Twenty Again (also going by the name Second Time Twenty Years Old) is directed by the PD of Secret Door and The Strange Housekeeper. What got me very happy was the writer who has penned shows like Two Weeks, Shining Inheritance, 49 Days and My Daughter Seo Young. The drama starts on 28 August taking up the Friday-Saturday slot on tvN. I think just like last year, all my favorite shows will be on tvN this time as well. The posters look really breezy and frolicsome and with a tvN stamp, I can expect lots of warmth and quality. I especially love the first poster where everybody is lying down on the grass. Can’t wait!

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