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The Monday-Tuesday slot over at KBS had been airing a pretty light-hearted drama in the form of Eccentric Daughter-in-law from a few weeks and the show ended its short 12 episode run last week. It passes the baton with same cheerful, bubbly tone to the follow-up drama Sassy, Go Go (yes, the title made me groan too). The show is actually in the line of School series as it’s about the trials and tribulations of being a high schooler. But the tone of Sassy, Go Go looks far more happy and gleeful than the shows of its ilk. Maybe the similarity ends with the same channel and the lives and struggles of high school students. School 2013 had lots of heart and I love it a lot but for a change, I can take some lighter moments and happiness for the students as most of the K-dramas of this genre tend to be very serious and gloomy.

Sassy Go, Go brings back Jung Eun Ji as a high school student as she played one in her breakout debut in Answer Me 1997 and stole everyone’s heart with her sparkling performance. She headlines the drama as a girl who was once popular but finds herself ignored when she transfers to a new school — reason being that the new place values grades more than anything and she has poor grades. She becomes part of a dance club. Lee Won Geun plays her love interest and a top student. He was last seen in Hyde, Jekyll, Me and this is surely a large jump as he is getting the main lead role.

Next is Ji Soo, who became a sweetheart for everyone after his strong début this year with Angry Mom. I didn’t see that show but even I could not resist his charms. Heh. Here he will play a student with anger management issues while Chae Soo Bin (Spy) stars as another good student (in terms of academics) and our heroine’s room-mate (can I have a girl-mance here, please Show — the stills do look promising on this front!) Finally, there is pop group VIXX‘s N, who takes up the role of a top student and heroine’s friend. The idol’s acting credentials include The Family Is Coming and Hotel King. The basic plot line of Sassy, Go Go is about the merging of the dance club (which seems to have average students) and the cheerleading club, which incorporates top students in the study department. This time Kim Ji Suk (Unking Women) will take the role of the teacher and I’m sure I’ll end up loving his character.

I’m really liking the look of this drama which is very bright, energetic and lively, and with a great amount of scope for friendships, teamwork and bromance. Cute and romance add to the appeal. It does not look like something requiring one to ruminate but looks like a nice fluffy show and if it can bring some emotional depth, that will be icing on the cake. Sassy Go, Go is definitely not something that would require me to skedaddle and is surely my cup of tea.

Sassy Go, Go arrives at our screens this Monday and is penned by the screenwriter of shows like The King’s Face and Mandate of Heaven — which is odd since both the shows were sageuks and this drama is as different from them as chalk from cheese. The PD directed Trot Lovers and Man Of Honour.

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