‘Answer Me’ series brings 80s nostalgia with new instalment ‘Answer Me 1988’


I loved Answer Me 1997 with every beat of my heart and that drama perfectly combined an infinite range of emotions, all sprinkled with the nostalgic feeling of the 90s and also helped in understanding the similarities and differences between my culture and South Korea’s in that era. I planned on marathoning its successor Answer Me 1994 but then the combined result of not-so-great reviews and lots of spoilers was that I never gave it a try (another reason — toilet humour, which is my pet peeve). All in all, the franchise has proved to be extremely popular both the times and now it is bringing 80s with it as the new instalment is titled Answer Me 1988 (or Reply 1988). I don’t know much about the 80s experience as I’m a 90s and 2000s child but I love the 80s, fashion fails and all. I never find style and fashion and general vibe of movies or shows shot or based in earlier decades cringeworthy or laughable or annoying as that factor adds in making those special and takes us to that era and makes us feel nostalgic.

Answer Me series faces one major complaint — the ‘who-is-the-husband’ game that stretches through entire run. But the latest show promises to be more about family and there will be nothing like the aforementioned issue, I hope it keeps up the promise. Anyway, the show will be set in a neighbourhood and focus on five families, of course which will encompass love, friendships, warmth and poignancy. The cast includes Kpop group Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri (who recently acted in Hyde, Jekyll, Me), Park Bo Gum (last seen in I Remember You) and Go Kyung Pyo (loved him in Flower Boy Next Door). Song Dong Il and Lee Il Hwa are the only two actors who have appeared in all dramas from the franchise and they star here as well. Answer Me 1994‘s Kim Sung Kyoon costars.

There was lots of commotion and anger when Hye Ri was cast in the lead role. I haven’t seen her in anything but I’ve only read negative reviews about her acting. I hope that Answer Me 1988 will prove to be the turning point in her career with respect to acting and she will excel in the role.

I’m pretty excited about this show as I’m so ready for something that would give me warm and heart-tugging moments and the Answer Me dramas are all about that. I would also get to learn about the country’s environment in the 80s, particularly 1988. Answer Me 1988 will premiere on 6 November on tvN after Twenty Again wraps up (Nooooo!) as the new Friday-Saturday drama.

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6 thoughts on “‘Answer Me’ series brings 80s nostalgia with new instalment ‘Answer Me 1988’

  1. Kay

    Love the posters for this! I still need to actually watch Reply 1997 first though, because I really want to see this! I know how awesome it is supposed to be, so it’s one of those I had been saving for a ‘dry’ period. I’ll have to watch it sooner rather than later I think.

    1. snow Post author

      What! You haven’t seen Answer Me 1997 yet!! Watch it ASAP…haha 😀
      I’m sure you’ll love it…I’ll waiting for your thoughts on it 🙂

  2. sunriseglow26

    OHMAGAWD I was just thinking about the reply series and how much I missed their cozy nostalgic feels. Im sad you didn’t end up watching reply 1994, but hopefully this will be even better 🙂

    1. snow Post author

      Maybe I’ll pick Answer Me 1994 later…Oh, the nostalgic feels this series gives us 🙂
      Fingers crossed that this latest drama would be amazing!

  3. Timescout

    I’m looking forward to this too and hope it’s better than AM1994, which started out fine but got bogged in all that unnecessary who’s-the-hubby drama, shipping wars and episodes that went on for eveeeeer. Or so they seemed, ha.

    I was actually already adult in the 80’s and can still vividly remember the music (which I love – for the most part), all the new tech and also the fashions. Goodness… poofy hair, pastels, neon colours and humongous shoulder pads (as you had them in your shirt, blazer and overcoat you seriously looked like an american football player, LOL!). That fashion fail thankfully went out of fashion during the later part of the decade.

    1. snow Post author

      Yes…I remember reading about very long episodes for AM94. I hope there won’t be annoying shipping wars, and that hubby game this time, and where did short 45min length of tvN dramas go?

      Hahaha…wow, you experienced the 80s! You perfectly summed up the fashion…so much fashion fail…but it has its own nostalgia attached to it..hehe..I think this fashion fail phenomenon was same across the globe..LOL


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