New title, slot and cast additions for So Ji Sub-Shin Min Ah rom-com


Finally we have some news on the KBS romantic comedy that will feature So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah, two actors immensely popular and a dream pair for most (me included), especially since they did some advertisements and photoshoots together. The drama that was initially titled Oh My God has got a new name — Oh My Venus (good thing as the earlier one sounded so much similar to Oh My Ghostess). The scheduled slot will be Monday and Tuesday as it will follow currently airing Sassy Go, Go and thus it will hit the airwaves earlier than I expected, which is sometime in November. Yay!

Oh My Venus stars Shin Min Ah as a lawyer who wants to regain her gorgeous figure and So Ji Sub as her trainer. Of course, they fall in love and the drama will convey the message of healing through dieting (whatever that means) and importance of inner beauty. The show has added many names to its cast —  Jung Kyeo Woon (Dr. Champ) , Yoo In Young (Mask), Henry (Persevere, Goo Hae Ra), Sung Hoon (currently gaining attention through web drama Noble, My love) and Jo Eun Ji (Let’s Eat 2). All supporting players have been cast as friends and acquaintances (well, I can’t say exactly for Yoo In Young as I have yet to see her in a positive role) and the set-up looks bright and sunny. 

Oh My Venus will be directed by the PD of shows like You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly, Love Marriage and many drama specials like Our Slightly Risque Relationship while it will be penned by a new writer. Mark your calendars for November, which is the time the magical chemistry of So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah will charm our screens.




2 thoughts on “New title, slot and cast additions for So Ji Sub-Shin Min Ah rom-com

  1. Kay

    I’m pretty glad to see Jung Kyeo Woon and Yoo In Young in the cast. I tend to love to hate Jung Kyeo Woon as a bad guy. Being a jerk to Shin Min Ah will make the love part difficult, lol. And I so enjoy Yoo In Young. It would be nice to give her character a little depth this time around.

    1. snow Post author

      I liked her in Three Musketeers, where her role was a bit different. She is really good at playing antagonists…haha…she has that perfect expression for wat we call “if looks could kill”
      I’ve seen JKW in only God’s Gift-14 Days where his role was not much important and was kind of lazy


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