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MBC brings ‘You Are Too Much’ this weekend


Another weekend entrant! MBC is bringing You Are Too Much as its new show for the slot of Saturdays and Sundays following Blow Breeze and I have to say it looks very different from the usual weekenders that we see, all emitting an air of ‘copy and paste’. The show is a story about an ageing pop diva and a girl who desperately wants to become like her. Continue reading

‘Oh My Venus’ premieres today with So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah


Yay. Finally the day is here when So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah‘s dream pair arrives to grace our screens with romantic comedy Oh My Venus on KBS. I’m so thrilled to watch these two of my favorite stars together that I’m totally ignoring the not-so-interesting-plot and looks-like-Birth-Of-A-Beauty sirens ringing in my head. Anyway, let’s hope for the best!

Continue reading

New title, slot and cast additions for So Ji Sub-Shin Min Ah rom-com


Finally we have some news on the KBS romantic comedy that will feature So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah, two actors immensely popular and a dream pair for most (me included), especially since they did some advertisements and photoshoots together. The drama that was initially titled Oh My God has got a new name — Oh My Venus (good thing as the earlier one sounded so much similar to Oh My Ghostess). The scheduled slot will be Monday and Tuesday as it will follow currently airing Sassy Go, Go and thus it will hit the airwaves earlier than I expected, which is sometime in November. Yay! Continue reading

First Impressions for ‘God’s Gift – 14 Days’


What an intense start for God’s Gift – 14 Days, the new drama on SBS for its Monday-Tuesday slot. I had lots of expectations with it and it met all of them and some more. The drama has that eerie, chilling atmosphere and a seriousness in tone, which is all the more impactful by the use of minimum colours throughout. I can feel that contrast much more because I just finished You From Another Star that was all candy floss and colorful to the max. Continue reading

‘God’s Gift – 14 Days’ is all set to premiere today


The new season of dramas can be called as a thriller season as we are having a smorgasbord of dramas that are taking the genre as their basic premise (Three Days, Ghost Seeing Detective Cheo Young, God’s Gift – 14 Days, Gap Dong to name a few). I’m a lover for these kind of series and movies and this is the reason I’m a happy camper for most of them even if I’m going out of my way to watch more than two live shows simultaneously (or wait — is that akin to making a square circle!). The first one to start is God’s Gift – 14 Days and I’m really excited for this. The story is a mash-up between Lee Jun Ki‘s Two Weeks and time travel theme that seems to be never-ending since its origin in 2012. Lee Bo Young had a terrific 2013 with giving one of the highest rated dramas My Daughter Seo Young (okay, it was a weekender) but then securing her place in the hearts of the viewers with her stupendous performance in I Hear Your Voice. Contrary to her prickly and funny role in IHYV, she will be playing a serious character here as she stars as the mother who has lost her daughter in a kidnapping-murder incident and then she gets a chance to go back in time to save her and the time period allotted is — 14 days. We Continue reading