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Just a warning before starting this post. It may be a bit spoilerish for those who haven’t seen Girl Who Sees Smells yet.

I hadn’t seen much of Nam Goong Min before Girl Who Sees Smells — he did a cameo in Alice In Cheongdamdong as Moon Geun Young‘s boyfriend and later I watched him in My Secret Hotel before dropping that show. But wow, his turn in Girl Who Sees Smells
was strong and charismatic and really creepy. I think that drama give a new energy to his career and now he has joined upcoming legal thriller Remember that stars Yoo Seung Ho and Park Min Young in the lead roles. The story is about a man with exceptional memory who fights a case to save his father but then things get worse when he starts losing his memory. Park Min Young is his childhood friend and lawyer with Park Sung Woong playing another tough lawyer.

Nam Goong Min is taking up the role of a third generation chaebol who is arrogant and wicked and has anger management issues. Well, all these factors scream a bad guy and I think he will be the main villain for our hero against whom he will have to struggle and fight. I like this addition as Nam Goong Min was really impressive in Girl Who Sees Smells, bringing various shades to his role.

Remember will start airing from 9 December on SBS. I really hope that it will turn out to be an engrossing thriller.