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New Korean Dramas: March 2020

Normally every month brings new Korean dramas for us to savour but this March seems especially flooded with many drama premieres and all seem very interesting for a variety of reasons. Good thing is, there is something for everyone, if you are choosy with the genre and the actors. Best way to keep a track is to make a list and hopefully the following list would be helpful: Continue reading

‘My Strange Hero’ is all set to premiere today with Yoo Seung Ho and Jo Bo Ah

We have our final premiere for this year, 2018, in the form of My Strange Hero. The drama has several other titles floating around — Revenge Returns, Bok Soo’s Back and Revenge is Back. It looks like a funny, cute and light-hearted romantic comedy with a cute cast. Yoo Seung Ho (I’m Not A Robot) plays the titular hero, Bok Soo, who returns to his school as a teacher after Continue reading

Song Seung Heon headlines ‘Player’ for OCN

OCN is a network that provides maximum dose of thrills to viewers every year. Some shows are very dark and gritty while there are some procedurals which are more fun and lighter in their vibe. The new Korean drama Player is among the latter which is about a team of four that steals Continue reading

Yoo Seung Ho confirms his next drama titled ‘Bok Soo Is Back’ with Jo Bo Ah in talks as the female lead

I find Yoo Seung Ho extremely cute even if I have not seen him act in anything. Of course, many of his shows are sitting (and gathering dust) on my shelf of dramas-I-plan-to-watch like I’m Not a Robot, Remember and Arang And The Magistrate. I really hope to see them someday ~sigh~ Anyhow, he is ready with his new show Bok Soo Is Back, which is also going by the literally translated title Revenge Is Back and sounds like a cute, harmless revenge high school show. Continue reading

‘I’m Not a Robot’ premieres today with Yoo Seung Ho and Chae Soo Bin

We have seen melodramatic romance, funny romance, cute romance, historical romance, thrilling romance, fantasy romance and now it’s time for some sci-fi romance in dramaland as I’m Not a Robot premieres today on MBC and it’s about a robot. Yoo Seung Ho is one of those actors that I find cute in all stills and pictures I’ve seen him in but have never really seen him act. He stars as a rich man who is allergic to human Continue reading