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Daily dramas are just like an excel sheet. You have a predefined pattern and you just have to change the details but it looks the same when we see the basic structure and function. But to their credit, there is some comfort in predictability of what we are seeing on screen and with such a long length of episodes running for more than 100 count, there is a development of attachment with the cast and characters that make us want to visit daily soaps day after day. I’m not into Korean daily dramas but I’m always happy to report about it and read about it. I was this close of starting one as Jae Hee — one of my favorite actors — starred in just ended Save The Family. Alas, there was no time to fit it in my schedule and it was a good decision as I later found out that it had more annoying factors than the good ones. I’m happy for him that the drama earned great ratings throughout its run.


Anyway, its follow-up drama is Sweet Home, Sweet Honey on KBS which sounds different as far as dailies are concerned. It is about youngsters who get pushed into society. Song Ji Eun (web drama Immutable Law of First Love) plays a character which has graced our dramas milion-billion-trillion times — bright, positive girl who works part time and has not-so-good financial condition. Lee Jae Joon (Beauty Inside) plays a kind, simple and naive man — at least, this person is rare in dramaland. Kim Min Soo (Apgujeong Midnight Sun) stars as an ambitious man who is section chief in a firm while Seo Yi Ahn (last seen as the very irritating second lead in Warm And Cozy) completes the main cast as an heiress of a large company who has a painful past. I like the title of this show which gives hope that it will be sweeter and cheerful. One of the posters reminds me the poster of makjang weekend drama I Summon You, Gold! (which starred Han Ji Hye and Yoon Jung Hoon). Sweet Home, Sweet Honey premieres tomorrow in KBS and will air from Monday To Friday.

This is turning out to be a great week for all daily drama fans as not one but two shows are starting tomorrow. The next is for MBC called Tomorrow Victory which is a delightful growth story of a woman who fights the adversities and overcomes them with fierce struggle, as she tries to keep her family business running. The show stars Jun So Min (last seen in Maids and also she was in news as she and Yoon Hyun Min of Falling For Innocence fame confirmed their relationship) and Song Won Geun (Princess Aurora) in the lead roles. Tomorrow Victory sounds like an uplifting story and it arrives on 2 November on our screens.

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More posters for Sweet Home, Sweet Honey:

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